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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
An Extremist 17 Times a Day (0)05th of November, 2015
Ever Be (0)02nd of November, 2015
Blade-Wielding Week (0)23rd of October, 2015
Give to the Lord, Ye Families of the Nations (0)08th of October, 2015
Why Do the United Nations Rage? (0)03rd of October, 2015
The Diabatés: Rachid Ouiguini (0)30th of September, 2015
One Psalm and Good Governance (0)29th of September, 2015
Demba Camara’s Exhumation Folklorique (0)29th of September, 2015
Reformation Study Bible Review (0)28th of September, 2015
Arming for the Fight: Truth (0)25th of September, 2015
Abapoto Bakomyewo: The Notices of the Revolution (0)25th of September, 2015
Abapoto Bakomyewo: Announcing the Declaration of War (0)25th of September, 2015
Saving Europe from the Immigrants (0)24th of September, 2015
One Verse and the Prelacy: On the Difference Between Protestant and Reformed (0)22nd of September, 2015
No Amnesty International: India in the Moral Relativism Tarpit (0)13th of September, 2015
Linux is Even Worse than (Just) Unix (0)06th of September, 2015
When God Has Made One Wise—or Rich, or Ruler (0)03rd of September, 2015
One Verse and the Oral Law (0)03rd of September, 2015
Secularist Christians are Anathema (0)02nd of September, 2015
On the Unicomp Keyboard: The Collapse of Standards, Economies, and Empires (0)02nd of September, 2015
Enough!: Never “Never Again!” Again! (0)26th of August, 2015
Nation-States of the Old Ottoman: All of the Historical Lands (0)21st of July, 2015
The islamic Republic Let Loose, and Why islam Must Die (0)21st of July, 2015
The New Halifaxians (0)16th of July, 2015
If the Righteous is Scarcely Saved: Assyria (0)03rd of July, 2015
"The arrested suspect didn’t have a criminal record ..." (0)26th of June, 2015
Re: #SONUG15, and the (Secular) Republic of Uganda (0)26th of June, 2015
#SONUG15, and the (Secular) Republic of Uganda (0)26th of June, 2015
On the Top Cat (0)23rd of June, 2015
They Invented the Idea (0)14th of June, 2015
System U & the JSON Specs (0)12th of June, 2015
Dhafer Youssef's Pseudo-Snackbar Success (0)09th of June, 2015
Good Death (0)31st of May, 2015
My Everything, by Richard Smallwood & Vision (0)22nd of May, 2015
Is Islamic State Islamic, or Just Mohameddan? (0)04th of April, 2015
Summa Contra Worksism (0)07th of March, 2015
Pauline Reflections #6 (0)25th of February, 2015
Bluesy Home (0)22nd of January, 2015
PEGIDA A Little Too Late (0)20th of January, 2015
End of the Road Medley (0)19th of January, 2015
Septuagintal Sounds (0)09th of January, 2015
Female Suicide-Bombers sans Male Houris? (0)09th of December, 2014
Command Lining (0)09th of December, 2014
Real-Time Greerian Nuclear Collapse Today (0)05th of December, 2014
As a Heap on the Threshing-Floor (0)30th of November, 2014
Summa Contra Papism (0)24th of November, 2014
Moderate (Non-Practicing) Muslim Meets Practicing (Non-Moderate) Roman Catholic (0)20th of November, 2014
The Next Language for the Next Muse-ic (0)19th of November, 2014
Truth with the Uganda Native (0)18th of November, 2014
Now They Get Guns (0)18th of November, 2014
After the Prophets: Jihadis and Inter-Abrahamic Dynamics (0)14th of November, 2014
The Filioque is Orthodox (0)13th of November, 2014
A Well-Done Segregation: Case Studies of Pakistan, Israel, Nigeria, and Uganda (0)11th of November, 2014
On HIV, AIDS, and Germ Theory (0)10th of November, 2014
Islam and "Assisted Suicide" in the Levant Today (0)04th of November, 2014
So is it Unassisted Homicide Next? (0)04th of November, 2014
Summa Contra Popishness (0)01st of November, 2014
Holy Scripture and The Non-Fideist Fallacy (0)24th of October, 2014
(Others) Recognising, Not Declaring, the Canon (0)23rd of October, 2014
Summæ Contra Heresies (0)22nd of October, 2014
Recognising—Not Declaring—Canon (0)19th of October, 2014
BlogFight: In (Fideistic) Defence of the Self-Attesting Scripture (0)18th of October, 2014
Liberty, Law, and the Traditions of Men (0)12th of October, 2014
Tradition Passes, But the Scriptures are Forever (0)12th of October, 2014
The Great Disconnect (0)04th of October, 2014
Re: Emma Watson's UN Speech (0)23rd of September, 2014
Syncretism, Within Reformed Christianity (0)18th of September, 2014
The Septuagintal Protestant: A BlogFight (0)18th of September, 2014
BlogFight: Reformed and Septuagintal (0)17th of September, 2014
The Problem is not Fanaticism (0)16th of September, 2014
Summa Contra Judaism (0)16th of September, 2014
On Christians Fighting (for) the State (0)14th of September, 2014
Towards an Orthodox Nudism (0)14th of September, 2014
The State(s) of the Jews and Christians of the Old Ottoman (0)13th of September, 2014
Civilised Beheadings (0)06th of September, 2014
Wilders Wilder (0)04th of September, 2014
On Drugs, Dependence, and Prudery (0)04th of September, 2014
“This group has an ideology behind it and if that ideology is not tackled” (0)03rd of September, 2014
On Guns (0)02nd of September, 2014
Streett Meets McGilchrist… Or How the NPP Happens (0)01st of September, 2014
Assyrian Christians: Between Simele and ISIS (0)01st of September, 2014
Yet More on Cannabis and Legalism (0)26th of August, 2014
Even More on Cannabis and Legalism (0)26th of August, 2014
More on Cannabis and Legalism (0)26th of August, 2014
On Cannabis and Legalism (0)25th of August, 2014
It’s Taking Shape (0)24th of August, 2014
The Free (Secular) World Athwart the Islamists (0)24th of August, 2014
We Are All Nasara (0)24th of August, 2014
Upcoming Version (0)24th of August, 2014
The Gift of Life (0)23rd of August, 2014
Re: Gazan Style (0)23rd of August, 2014
Better than the Movies (0)23rd of August, 2014
Nasara Gear (0)23rd of August, 2014
Re: Gazan Style (0)23rd of August, 2014
Gazan Style (0)23rd of August, 2014
The Ones Who Can Talk (0)14th of August, 2014
A Greerian 2014? (0)10th of August, 2014
Jesus and(Zacchæus) the Jizya-Collector (0)03rd of August, 2014
“The Grace of our Boss Jesus Christ”: The Bible and the Street Language (0)02nd of August, 2014
Nuri’s Call (0)01st of August, 2014
To the BSU (0)31st of July, 2014
France Welcomes the Iraqi Christians (0)28th of July, 2014
Remember the Moluccas (0)27th of July, 2014
Before We “Free, Free Palestine!” … (0)26th of July, 2014
O, Kanou (0)25th of July, 2014
On Missing Opportunities for Anti-Semitic Anti-Zionism (0)25th of July, 2014
On Choosing Biases Wisely (0)25th of July, 2014
Re: When you talk about Israel (0)24th of July, 2014
Re: When you talk about Israel (0)24th of July, 2014
Re: Mosul (0)22nd of July, 2014
Katekiisimu y’e Heidelberg (v 0.1) (0)21st of July, 2014
Raymond Ibrahim on Jihadi Rhetoric (0)20th of July, 2014
Mosul (0)19th of July, 2014
The Late Great Relativist State (0)19th of July, 2014
Telling Fibs About Nature (0)19th of July, 2014
On Grace and Entropy (0)19th of July, 2014
Pauline Reflections #5: Psalm 95 (0)18th of July, 2014
Re: Our Girls (0)14th of July, 2014
Re: Our Girls (0)14th of July, 2014
Our GIrls (0)14th of July, 2014
The (Secular) States ofGod’s People (0)12th of July, 2014
Page Out of My Book (0)06th of July, 2014
On the ISIS Caliphate, and its Implications for Global Jihad (0)05th of July, 2014
On Arabic Poetic Forms, Abraham Kuyper, and the Image of God (0)05th of July, 2014
The Caliphate, 2014 (0)30th of June, 2014
“Embiggens”: the Joke is on the NPP (0)26th of June, 2014
New Version of the FCS (0)26th of June, 2014
“Context” (0)26th of June, 2014
White People Should Not Write Bible Translations (or, Why the NPP is Literally Mad) (0)26th of June, 2014
Real-Life MMORPG (0)22nd of June, 2014
Mass-Arming (0)16th of June, 2014
View-of-Point (0)16th of June, 2014
Uganda Weed Review #2: Kigali (0)15th of June, 2014
Blog Redesign (0)15th of June, 2014
Jaljallat (0)15th of June, 2014
Sheesh! (0)15th of June, 2014
Eros (0)15th of June, 2014
Neo-Darwinism in Sydney with a (GoPro) Camera (0)13th of June, 2014
Altercation #2.5: Salafist-Reformed (0)12th of June, 2014
Delly Mell, Guardy Ann, the Grace of God, and the Confessing of Sins (0)10th of June, 2014
Altercation #2 (0)10th of June, 2014
Re: Prots (0)10th of June, 2014
The First“Arab Spring” (0)08th of June, 2014
Lebanon’s Armed Christians (0)07th of June, 2014
Re: Safe or Soft (0)07th of June, 2014
Altercation #1.5 (0)07th of June, 2014
Safe or Soft (5)06th of June, 2014
Syria, the Worst-Case Scenario (0)02nd of June, 2014
Altercation #1 (0)31st of May, 2014
Queues! (0)28th of May, 2014
Programmer-God (0)17th of May, 2014
Dembati Galant! (0)17th of May, 2014
“Hypocrites!” (0)16th of May, 2014
The Week of Brave Girls, Foolish Women, and Cowardly Men (0)12th of May, 2014
Bleh (0)11th of May, 2014
Pauline Reflections #4 (0)07th of May, 2014
Russia and America (0)05th of April, 2014
Mass-Arm The Innocents (0)29th of March, 2014
Pauline Reflections #3 (0)28th of March, 2014
Pauline Reflections #2 (0)20th of March, 2014
Pauline Reflections #1 (0)20th of March, 2014
Dadiou (0)05th of February, 2014
The Girardian Lectionary (0)10th of January, 2014
The Question (0)10th of January, 2014
Kadosh 2.0 (0)09th of December, 2013
Some Central African Republic (0)08th of December, 2013
On Typesetting With the Web (0)07th of December, 2013
Spirit-Inspired Bible Translation and the Tools of the Hobby-Trade (0)07th of December, 2013
Tomora is Subtle (0)06th of December, 2013
Islam versus Christianity, Up and Down (0)26th of November, 2013
Iron Ore (0)24th of November, 2013
Typesetting (0)15th of November, 2013
Saudi Arabia, the UN and the OIC (0)05th of November, 2013
Peak Oil? (0)26th of October, 2013
Naughty Nineties (0)26th of October, 2013
Apple Inc., at the Limits of Certain Things (0)25th of October, 2013
All the King’s Men (0)24th of October, 2013
Koine English Version (0)23rd of October, 2013
Peter & Jane (0)22nd of October, 2013
The Not-So-Fine Print (0)20th of October, 2013
Bias Training (0)18th of October, 2013
My Favourite Hook-Nosed Bald-Headed Jew (0)18th of October, 2013
Lies and Denial (0)17th of October, 2013
With a Whimper (0)15th of October, 2013
Warrior-Father (0)15th of October, 2013
The Day of the Bolt-Action (0)14th of October, 2013
The New “Superstitio” (0)13th of October, 2013
The Flag (0)13th of October, 2013
Audio-book (0)13th of October, 2013
Sodium Chlorite, They Say (0)11th of October, 2013
Gigantic Small (0)11th of October, 2013
The Body of Christ and Sanctification Theology in the Epistle to the Hebrews (0)11th of October, 2013
Sense of Sin in 1 John (0)11th of October, 2013
Doberman (0)11th of October, 2013
Séno (0)10th of October, 2013
No Comment #1: Psalms 19 (0)06th of October, 2013
The Fundamental Mistake (0)01st of October, 2013
The Word, The Son (0)30th of September, 2013
The First Christian State (0)30th of September, 2013
The Pacifism Excuse (0)28th of September, 2013
Man of the Year: the Terrorist (0)28th of September, 2013
“Most people want to be able to subdue and/or kill other human beings …” (0)28th of September, 2013
On the Other Hand (0)26th of September, 2013
The New Holocaust Denialism (0)26th of September, 2013
Somali-Irish (0)26th of September, 2013
And By Peace Shall Destroy (0)26th of September, 2013
Growing Up with Music and MacGuffins (0)25th of September, 2013
Is This How Terrorism Works? (1)25th of September, 2013
You Do All Things Well (0)25th of September, 2013
Outsized Love (0)25th of September, 2013
Now We May Discuss (0)24th of September, 2013
Gun Control (0)24th of September, 2013
Pro-Life (0)23rd of September, 2013
The Gates of Dongola (0)23rd of September, 2013
The Repentant State and the Right of Return (0)23rd of September, 2013
O, America: A Harbinger in Advance (0)21st of September, 2013
The Anti-Religion (0)20th of September, 2013
HIV Hits Student Hostels Hard (0)20th of September, 2013
Stop Censoring Motherhood (0)19th of September, 2013
Arms, Arms, Arms (0)19th of September, 2013
What More About Melchizedek? (0)19th of September, 2013
Sanjay Gupta (0)17th of September, 2013
FGM Against HIV (0)17th of September, 2013
Brillig is Back (0)16th of September, 2013
Politrickian (0)16th of September, 2013
Espingarda Modelo Double Defense (0)15th of September, 2013
The Due Penalty (0)15th of September, 2013
Neanderthal (0)15th of September, 2013
In the Midst of Our Apostasy (0)13th of September, 2013
The Recursive Psalm 40 (0)12th of September, 2013
Separation of Hall and State (0)04th of September, 2013
Dropping Out of the Middle Class (0)02nd of September, 2013
Unfair Criticism of the Ancient Prophets (0)27th of August, 2013
On Circumcision, and the Increasing Irrelevance of Religion and Education (0)27th of August, 2013
Logos: The Explanation (0)27th of August, 2013
Priests, and Prophets the Elect (0)19th of August, 2013
Homeless Week (1)17th of August, 2013
Ambiguity-Resolution Theorem (0)17th of August, 2013
Re: OliveTree Rocks! (0)16th of August, 2013
The Coptic Express (0)15th of August, 2013
OliveTree Rocks! (0)14th of August, 2013
Intactivism for Several Reasons (0)14th of August, 2013
Three-Self (0)02nd of August, 2013
Low-Traffic Discussion Groups (0)16th of July, 2013
New Version (0)15th of July, 2013
Watch The Bible (0)08th of July, 2013
Uganda Weed Review #1: Jinja (0)02nd of July, 2013
Word Up Nigga (0)28th of June, 2013
No Debts (0)22nd of June, 2013
Nocturnal Patrol Tour (0)22nd of June, 2013
Attack of the Untutored Translators (0)20th of June, 2013
Slave, Tower: Arabic in Luganda (0)20th of June, 2013
Towards a New Luganda Transliteration System (0)20th of June, 2013
Online Copy of “The Ruins” (0)18th of June, 2013
The Not-So-Subtle Sub-Plot to the Country’s History (0)18th of June, 2013
Wild Haskell Analogies #5: Cerebral Lateralisation (0)16th of June, 2013
Wild Haskell Analogies #4: Sola Scriptura (0)16th of June, 2013
Wild Haskell Analogies #3: Isaiah’s Suffering Function (0)16th of June, 2013
Wild Haskell Analogies #2: The Leap of Faith (0)16th of June, 2013
Wild Haskell Analogies #1: Wave-Particle Duality (0)16th of June, 2013
My Advice: Take No Advice (0)16th of June, 2013
Greece and Uganda (0)15th of June, 2013
Neither Script Nor Image (0)10th of June, 2013
My Open Problems in Optimisation (0)09th of June, 2013
Wrong in a Clever Way (0)06th of June, 2013
Wild Haskell Analogies (1)06th of June, 2013
Undecidable (0)06th of June, 2013
Re: Frameworks are Futamura Projections (0)05th of June, 2013
Frameworks are Futamura Projections (0)04th of June, 2013
Inside Job (0)04th of June, 2013
The New Bicamerality (1)31st of May, 2013
Introducing Cannabidiol (0)31st of May, 2013
The Savages Are Voting (0)28th of May, 2013
Nanibali (0)19th of May, 2013
Racial Purity (0)19th of May, 2013
Khalouni (0)19th of May, 2013
The Eternal Zoe (0)19th of May, 2013
Faith and Science (0)18th of May, 2013
PBS: Slavery By Another Name (0)18th of May, 2013
Bringing Out Weird (0)17th of May, 2013
Fununke Saya (0)17th of May, 2013
Allegorised Life #1 (0)16th of May, 2013
Time on Mali Music (0)15th of May, 2013
Kouroussa (0)14th of May, 2013
Kabuangoyi (0)13th of May, 2013
Four Rooms (0)13th of May, 2013
Onesimus and the Colloquial Translation (0)13th of May, 2013
With a Clear Conscience (0)13th of May, 2013
The Long Short Walk (0)10th of May, 2013
Prophet (0)02nd of May, 2013
Don’t Let Them Penicillinise Marijuana (0)01st of March, 2013
Peak Hemp (0)16th of February, 2013
Nokia Belle (0)14th of February, 2013
Kaira (0)02nd of February, 2013
The Safari Reader (1)21st of January, 2013
The Pill in the Dock (0)02nd of January, 2013
My Scripting Journey Arrives at Perl 6 (0)19th of November, 2012
Sanctions are like Peak Oil (0)10th of October, 2012
Tim Eagan Comics (0)20th of September, 2012
Re: Haskell Saves Even the Best (0)20th of September, 2012
Throw or Return? (0)19th of September, 2012
Re: Haskell Saves Even the Best (0)19th of September, 2012
Haskell Saves Even the Best (0)19th of September, 2012
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Is the Diary Dead? (0)08th of June, 2012
Bespectacled (2)08th of June, 2012
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Google Web Fonts versus FontSquirrel (0)29th of May, 2012
The Divided Brain (0)29th of May, 2012
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The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in Programming (0)03rd of May, 2012
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Is Caching Illegal on Google App Engine? (2)28th of February, 2012
Cache Me—If You Can (0)28th of February, 2012
Quota Problems Resolved (0)27th of February, 2012
The Day Haskell Embarrassed Functional Programming (0)27th of February, 2012
The Day Python Embarrassed Imperative Programming (11)27th of February, 2012
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