The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
26th of August, 2015

Enough!: Never “Never Again!” Again!

I am tired, not (just) of how people get bled like cattle in mass killings and genocides, but of how the standard accepted response to this is the ridiculously impotent refrain “Never Again!” What the fuck do you think; that once was okay, twice is not? “Never Again” is so stupid: it is neither repentant nor reparative—it is neither, for instance, “Woe to us!”, which is mandatory in every such case, nor is it “An eye for an eye!” which, though far from sufficient, is where we should have arrived by now, after so many iterations of “Never Again”.

Never “Never Again” again. Henceforth, it is “Enough!” and “Restore!” For every society and nation that is guilty of genocide about people we care about—in this case Christians—there will be firm punishment and remorseless retribution, and the lands where these things have been committed with impunity will be in danger of being taken, in perpetuity, that the Christian Free State may incorporate them for the benefit of harassed Christians all over the World, and for the safety of humanity—what with the policy of the liberated gun.

It is funny, isn’t it, how the secularists like to say “Never say ‘Never’”, and that they can find justification for that in almost every case—because, of course, who is able to guarantee that P is never true, ever, under the sun?—but then they have made a talisman and idol out of the stupid refrain “Never Again!” that they squeal every time there has been a genocide, and (necessarily) shortly before there is another one?

They are right: nobody, without reference to the explicit promise of God, can ever say “Never” and be serious. We can say that the waters will never again cover all the face of the Earth—it will never happen—because God said so Himself. If you doubt it, wear a GoPro, chase a storm, and stare hard at the rainbow. Never Again.

Now, there is a “Never Again” you can rely on. But, under the sun, there is no such “Never”; there isn’t enough reliability to anything, to guarantee that anything will never happen. We neither know enough about what has happened before, nor anything about what, in fact, will happen; so every “never” is vacuous bullshit at the very best. The secularist has no option. “Never say never.”

But, unfortunately, they resist their common sense in this case, when they say “Never Again!” after a genocide, because they are doing it for show. All these people will be judged severely, because the weightiness of “never” in a mouth that has also ever solemnly mouthed “never say never” is such that it is, in fact, an oath and a promise; a solemn vow. If the World meant it when it said “Never Again!” for the Armenians, then the Assyrians, then the Jews—for judgement starts at God’s household—then the Rwandese, then the Congolese, then the Copts, then the … it would, by now, have become the first article of the United Nations’ charter (or whatever). Is there anything weightier? No—by their own admission, they preserve “never” for this wanton bleeding of humans when they are horrified that they did not stop it. They are accursed, and lie already judged.