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04th of November, 2014

Islam and "Assisted Suicide" in the Levant Today

Of late, the entire Web has been abuzz with a certain video of Islamic State fighters sharing out women. So I have a few comments that could help put a face on some comments I made recently.

This is the video, but you do not have to watch it:

The very first sentence is a Muslim citing the Qur'an, and how it gives permission to share out captured slaves. All the news outlets that have dealt with this have skipped mentioning the Qur'an mandate that the exuberant fighter cites with bright clarity. See here, for instance:

“Today is the slave market day. Today is the day where this verse where this verse applies: ... [men may fuck] their wives and their captives ... Today is the day of the distribution, God willing.”
Apparently God was willing. The video goes on for a while, as the fighters discuss swapping the girls around as gifts or hard currency. This is the reality today, just south of Europe (in what used to be the very centre of the Macedonian and Roman empires). And today we are busy finding fault with the Crusaders!

While I could dwell on the evil of Islam and so on, or on vindicating the Crusades, I will instead link this to another story elsewhere:

The 27-year-old managed to call her and revealed that the jihadists “are hurting us, exploiting us, many of us are being sold”. Women can’t do anything to save themselves. What’s more, the militants even “won’t let us kill ourselves.”
Do you see that the Yazidi girls, horrified at the prospect of being ravaged by jihadi after jihadi, would prefer death? They would as soon commit suicide as any American suffering intractable pain. They are in the same situation. Indeed, the girl laments that she is not allowed to kill herself, just as the “assisted suicide” people do.

But assume that some American- or European-originated jihadi, who is perhaps soft-hearted enough to take pity on the Yazidi girl, and she does give her the comeuppance she is hoping for. Would that be “assisted suicide”, or, as is indeed the case, homicide?