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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
06th of June, 2014

Safe or Soft

See, there is no such thing as a bleeding-heart who is also safe. In a fallen World like this one, after Adam’s ingenious decision, you have to choose:
  • Be a bleeding-heart, do not offend anyone, and do not oppress anyone. Be liked by everyone, let Muslims find refuge on your streets.
  • Be safe.
Pick one.

That link is from Times of Israel. The Jews must be wondering why the Christians don’t just arm up and do the right thing, not knowing that a cowardly eisegesis has taught the Christians a dangerous pacifism, while a universalist heresy has weakened their ability to label the wicked as wicked, and call people over from the darkness. (Christians do only themselves a favour when they are not proselytic; their relaxation results in more people living in darkness and the literal danger of war and disease.)
But the Sabras can’t be this pacifist or cowardly. To that particular tribe, the common sense comes easily due to living at the very borders of Judeo-Christian civilisation. You can’t be too bleeding-heart for too long out there without actually bleeding literally. The Israelis know how to deal soberly with the Palestinians.

We are thanking whoever criminalised the Nazis, so we don’t have to lie awake wondering when they are going to take power again. However, nobody has been sane enough to do the same against Islam; what a shame. No religion need be invoked in forbidding either of Maoism or Nazism, even though religion certainly should be invoked.

Credo in unum Deum, Patrem omnipotentem …