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02nd of September, 2014

On Guns

This is from an exchange of mine on guns:

What you call beheading videos, I call primary sources. I only watch those because I don’t just read investigative reporting; I am an investigative reporter. Mother Jones is leftist pap, watered down with sensationalised mass hysteria.
Guns have always been here, and only now do you have mass-shootings. Why is nobody mentioning that all the mass shooters have psychotropic medications? (Well, they would know if they looked beyond Mother Jones.)
Do you know what the shoot-out capitals of your USA have in common? LA, NYC, Chicago, DC?

Contrary to popular weirdness, the most-armed places and times aren’t necessary the ones with the highest cases of such mass-homicidal madness. And, indeed, when Rwanda’s time came, just being armed was sufficient—even machetes were sufficient; it didn’t have to be guns. Most murders are not with guns; all murders, however, are by murderers. It is cowardice to focus on the weapons (even if we are speaking machetes and swords), rather than on the murderers themselves.

Haha, Mother Jones is your standard?
Have you actually looked at the stats? And have you considered more than just America (or Brazil), where the problem is violent people, not guns? In Rwanda, for instance, guns not only stopped a genocide (and continue to prevent one), but also every other guard has a gun.
Do you think guns are popular for murder, or defence? Most people with guns are not shooting kids. Some places are sick in the head, and the gun is just another factor. If someone is killing kids, it doesn’t matter if he used poison. The problem is not the method.

PS: Most murders are not with guns. In Rwanda, for instance, bare hands, machetes, ropes, and sticks kill more people per day than guns kill in a week. But, of course, I expect every gun murder to be over-sensationalised more than, say, drunken driving which kills more children than murder.

I could find one of the kids whose deaths have been prevented by armed men. (Mostly police officers, of course, but also family members.)