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23rd of September, 2014

Re: Emma Watson's UN Speech

“The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities” is all very nice, but unrealistic. It would happen as soon as the poor have equal rights and opportunities with the rich, which is also unrealistic. You can prove this for yourself by asking “and who will enforce it; simple benevolence? If so, benevolence on whose part? —And isn’t the benevolent necessarily superior even by [your/their] admission?” If, however, they say that nature enforces it, they are evidently wrong. If they say that God enforces it, they are evidently not Muslims … Haha.

People have to face this uncomfortable fact: women have less rights and opportunities that men under normal circumstances. The thing that got the World used to women having such expectations is emphatically *not* normal. Do you think we are the first generations to be able to clamour for “the political, economic and social equality of the sexes” or the races or the whatever? No; however, nearly all the others never realised it, and we only do because of what is abnormal about us.

That equality is not normal. It is a Christian artifact in the present World. Feminism is unrealistic. It is only legitimised by Christianity. —And, of course, Christianity is itself very abnormal, and even irrational, which is why the modern World is fidgeting to maintain its precepts without maintaining it.

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