The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
23rd of June, 2015

On the Top Cat

So, apparently the top Cat, their pope, has apologised to the Waldensians for having mass-murdered them.

There is nothing to forgive. If you were justified then, you needn't apologise. If you were not justified then, you are not justified even now, and you should repent, rather than just apologise.

Just stop the mariolatrous heresies, and the privileging of your traditions over the Word of God, requiring that accession to God be first an accession to your impious ranks, addressing yourselves to the heavenly host rather than to the all-seeing all-hearing all-knowing almighty Father through the Son, and then we can live together.

Remember that I never lied: after I am done purging the Mozzies and their secularist collaborators from my country, I will in fact turn against you, too, not as heathens like the Mozzies, but as unrepentant Christians who have fallen from grace, seeking to be justified by works, and refusing the gospel of Christ's perfect work. Just not being a Muslim isn't enough. "Purge the evil from amongst you."