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16th of July, 2015

The New Halifaxians

See catastrophe in the making. The tired and recessive cowards of the Western World have agreed to not join Israel in opposing Iranian access to the nuclear bomb.

The Westerners think that Iran will show the same self-control with nuclear weapons that the West has shown. Even the West, the post-Christian West, has not shown nearly enough discipline and righetousness to have such weapons legitimately. How much less the explicitly-islamic Iran?

But Netanyahu is right. Iran, and every other islamic thing, should be resisted permanently and persistently. Not just on the issue of nuclear arms, but in general. But the Westerners did not even pretend they were willing to fight. Ehud Barak recently said that America lost leverage when it committed publicly to the desire for a nuke deal, essentially at any cost.

What they have not noted as explicitly is that the American president was raised by pious muslims, is an enabler of their heretical movement, and was determined to have normalisation of relations with Iran as a core achievement.
On top of that, this is what has been said in the first link:

Britain’s Foreign Secretary, who was involved in the Vienna talks, told Parliament … “The real alternative to a deal that prevents Iran building a nuclear bomb almost at some stage would have been war. What we have averted with this agreement is the threat and a prospect of a war,” he said.
So it was not even because they thought it was right for Iran to have that deal, but rather because they didn’t want to spend blood and treasure against Iran.

This same man went and criticised Israel’s sensible reaction to his waving of Halifaxian surrender papers while saying “Peace! [Peace!] In our time!”
And he called Israel’s capital “Tel Aviv”, becase, being anti-Israeli (which is even worse, in a secularist purpotedly-democratist bossom, than is anti-Semitism), he couldn’t get himself to admit that Jerusalem alone is the capital of Israel alone.