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03rd of September, 2014

“This group has an ideology behind it and if that ideology is not tackled”

The first interesting thing, which is the opposition between tamed Islam and practical—lived-out, jihadist—Islam:

RT: What kind of threat does the rise of the Islamic State pose the Saudi regime?

MG: The biggest threat for them is the disgruntlement among the local populace with the corruption of the monarchy itself, so they offer an alternative. In addition to the lack of legitimacy that is seen now with the scholarly elite, a lot of the people in Saudi Arabia look at the scholars now as just scholars for the sultans. They facilitate fatwas for them to benefit their rulers, but when it comes to benefitting the population that’s not the common fact. Religion is used as something to oppress the population and benefit the ruling elite.
But now see how the young ones, the ones who actually want to live and practice Islam (noting that al-Baghdadi has styled himself “the scholar who practices what he preaches”):

RT: What can the EU and US leaders do to prevent this threat?

MG: I think [as for] the focus on the military interventions, history will show that it is not going to be the answer. This group has an ideology behind it and if that ideology is not tackled… But a lot of people do not realize that ISIS put a lot of effort into spreading propaganda, intellectual material, that they use the Islamic tradition to basically give legitimacy to what they are, coming from an Islamic prospective. So far all that we have heard from Muslim scholars is just a condemnation but without any intellectual engagement and just a call for a military intervention. Well, it was a military intervention by the US and Western forces that went into Iraq that created the vacuum that allowed the rise of this group. So if they go in again, all of this can happen and if they try to quell them this will create another group that could be even more monstrous than this one.

Interesting. Now you see, even this person probably thinks the ideology is militancy (wrong), or religious extremism (wrong), or war tactics (wrong). The problem is Islam. The problem is heresy.