The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
12th of October, 2014

Liberty, Law, and the Traditions of Men

It is evident that no grounds can be found against traditions simply because they are traditions. If they occur through their normal means—arising from a community—they have to be Scriptural before they can be accepted, and they have to be counter-Scriptural before they are supposed to be discarded.

Nevertheless, the mechanism by which traditions are implemented is by law. The thing that premits Christianity to survive undue shackling to traditions is the packaging liberty from law as part of the Scriptures. By making the New Testament part of the Bible, the Pauline epistles part of the NT, and the Belgic Confession part of the creeds (together with the Apostles’ and Nicene), Christianity permits of tradition that has enough liberty to reform tradition.