The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
09th of December, 2014

Command Lining

It would indeed appear that old (read “archaic”) habits die hard. These days, I run on an XFCE-based desktop. In the time since I made the switch from my previous system, I have gone from using Thunderbird for my mail to using Evolution. And now, I am using Mutt, which throws me on the console for most of my working day. I am even seriously considering using w3m for my web browsing, but I haven’t yet been tricked into making that particular switch.

Anyway, now that I am on the command line, I might as well note that the most-important part of the computer has become the terminal emulator. Unfortunately, I can no longer use the default one for XFCE (xfterm4) because it leaks memory like a non-bloody sieve. I often run well out of memory simply because I have been compiling Haskell programs in it. Even when I quit all the programs, it still retains all the available memory; when I close it, I can almost hear the RAM sigh with relief. Doubleplusungood.

I am writing this in Vim, of course, getting ready to send it with Mutt. I hope it works out alright (blogging by mail, with Mutt, using Vim, on the command line), because I think I like this default.

It’s safe to bet that I will probably upgrade from the current Linux set-up to FreeBSD, especially if I can be convinced that I will be able to play my music and video on that there system. (Alas, in this insane computer world, the better things get, the less support they have for fun. I would be posting this from a Plan 9 system, otherwise.)