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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
14th of August, 2014

The Ones Who Can Talk

Those who use only Western media do not know that, for example, Hamas recently announced having executed a number of dissidents. This stuff would be covered on archælogical scales if Israel had done it. However, in the case of Hamas it is not even a rumour; I saw their press release, I saw pictures of the gallows, and some other gory, typically-Islamist details. The Gazans under Hamas cannot dissent.

But when they are writing from the safety of diaspora or exile, this is the kind of thing you get:
“Come on, do you guys think we are animals? That we would love seeing Hamas terrorists hiding among our crowds just to have Israeli F–16’s bomb us so we can get the sympathy?” he asked in an interview with JerusalemOnline. “Please understand, yes, Gaza elected Hamas, but people make mistakes. Didn’t the Germans elect Hitler? Were the Germans still in favor of Hitler when Russia and the Allies were marching into Berlin and bombing the hell out of it?”

And when you have watched this kind of thing from a personal-enough perspective, without the virtual reality goggles of the media:
“You know what is the only country around that treats us as human beings?” he asked. “Ironically, it’s Israel. Israel does very stupid things in Gaza. They even commit crimes in Gaza. On the other hand, Israel is the only sane partner with whom we can sit with and say, ‘Let’s make peace.’ They are the only partner that actually labels a Palestinian, even a terrorist, as a human.”
In fact, the Kingdom of Jordan, where that man is based, has an official policy of two castes in its settled population, the one with lesser rights being the (descendants of the) Palestinians. Nobody is complaining about that. Israel is not kidding when it says that it is the only country in the Middle East where Palestinians—even its enemies—have the full, equal rights as the Head of State. No Arab country has even bothered to make the promise at all, leave alone enforce it to the level Israel does. (And Israel never signed the “Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty” because they intended to be truthful—and nuclear-armed. If some day they sign it, we can believe them. Which Arab-Muslim state could we trust with a single self-destructing landmine?)