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26th of June, 2015

"The arrested suspect didn’t have a criminal record ..."

I don't know how many times I hear such a thing:

A terrorist attack on a French factory in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier left one person killed and two injured, the country’s president confirmed. The victim was reported to have been beheaded at the gate of the site.

The arrested suspect didn’t have a criminal record, but was identified as a possibly radicalized individual, Interior Minister Cazeneuve said, adding that the suspect had a 'link' to Salafist movement.
Does it even begin to make sense? Someone is known to be a faithful Muslim, and then you accuse him of having no criminal record?

Every faithful Muslim is necessarily a murderous criminal asking to be killed. I will indulge them every single time, tirelessly. In France, today, a man is getting a symbolic be-heading by Muslim criminals, and we say that the men who got that far have "no criminal record"?