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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
13th of September, 2014

The State(s) of the Jews and Christians of the Old Ottoman

By now many have heard things like this:
Apparently an American senator gets booed off the stage at a meeting of Middle Eastern Christians, because he expressed support for Israel, and refused to recant.
What this senator did was good, and what these Christians did is wrong.

In fact, the suffering of Middle Eastern Christians is not independent of their attitude to Israel. I want to discuss that for a while.

In the Middle-East, both Christians and Jews have suffered massacre after massacre, and often directly as cleansing of an ethno-religious nature. The Ottoman Empire was built on a foundation of Christian skulls, and the new Turkish nation also trained for brutality with Christian victims.

The Armenian and Assyrian genocides were witness together with the Jewish Holocaust in making the modern word “genocide”, but the Assyrians are still running before Islamic State (Iraq-Syria), and the Israelis are digging in against the Arabs. The Armenians got a state, but the Assyrians were left in the hands of the Arabs and the Kurds. There is an even-more-interesting side to this, when you consider Lebanon and its Christian Falangists (“Kataeb”), who were in open military alliance with the Israelis; but that is for discussing further down.

I have noted that Christian communities that have had a political spat with Israel feel justified in being anti-Zionist, even pro-Palestinian. Lebanon was still majority-Christian when the Middle East had to deal with a returned Israel. The border tension made nationalists anti-Israel, even when they were Christians. The same happens with Iraq, where Assyrians were fierce nationalists, and so they found themselves fighting as Iraqis against Israel (and Iran).

In all these cases, the problem is exactly the same: you have Christians giving ultimate loyalty to non-Christian political systems, which mires them in unholy alliances against other nations, necessarily including against Israel.
No Christian should ever fight for a non-Christian system; if he does, he should not be surprised if he finds himself fighting against a Christian system—or, for that matter, against the Jewish state. And if you fight for heresy, die with the heretics.

In the Middle East, in particular, this has meant that Christians find themselves fighting against the Jewish state, and—in league with the secularist states, or Arab states, or whatever other non-Christian states—adopting this anti-Israel position which is in express opposition to truth and justice.
Having accepted the Arab state, and its consequent Arab nationalism—and, necessarily, the Ishmaelite’s requisite anti-Israelism—they cannot also champion the Christian state or its consequent “graft theology” which ties the Christian and the Jew together. It is either one or the other.

Some of these Christian nations have a state now; like the Armenians. But even the Armenians have a secular state, which merely recognises the Armenian Apostolic Church. The correct thing—“for there is neither Jew nor Gentile in Christ Jesus”—is to have a Christian state, for this Christian “nation of kings and priests”, which just happens to have a (probably majority) Armenian component in it.
So the danger is still there that even the Armenians could (and, if this continues, will) turn their backs on the Jews, and oppose the Jewish state.

The Christian state, on the other hand, doesn’t have the wherewithal to deny and oppose the state of the olive branch into which it was grafted. Furthermore, it is incumbent on the Christians to accept the Jews, because the Jews are (still) too blind to know the whole picture. The Christians, whose eyes are opened, are the ones who have to endure the ridiculousness that the continuing blindness of the Jews provokes in the Jews, either as suspicion of the Christians, or as an unwillingness to ally the Jewish state with the/a Christian state.
What the Jews cannot do anything about is support. —And this is incumbent on the Christians, unconditionally, whether as individuals or as state. Those nations that will be destroyed are first non-Christian (or post-Christian), so that they may either be anti-Christian or anti-Israeli, that they may be cursed destroyed. The nation that will be saved is first of all Christian, and therefore pro-Christian and pro-Israeli, that it may not be cursed and destroyed. All that it takes is that they not be either secularised, or Arabised, or social(ist-)ised, or anything else other than Christian.

For this and other reasons, it is important that Christians have a Christian state. They are often willing to fight and die for a democratic state, but this is wrong, because the democratic state can just as easily turn on the Christian as it does on the Jew. The Christian may only identify with—and fight for—the Christian state, so that he never be found fighting against his brothers, be they brothers in faith (Christians) or brothers in the graft (Jews).

And for as long as the Christians maintain this fornication with other systems, they will reap the fruits thereof: being sent to die in Islamist or ethnic wars, for instance, as was the case with the Assyrians in the war between Arab Sunnis under Saddam Hussein against the Arab-Persian Shiites under the Islamic Republic of Iran. This story is particularly painful, because the 10,000 Assyrian Christians who died under the banners of Arabism and Islam on either side were neither Arabs nor Musilms. But they didn’t prefer to die fighting for the Christian state—which, a few short decades before, Agha Petros had been leading a fight for, under a cruciform flag—so they died like chicken on both sides.

This catastrophic mistake has still not been corrected. Assyrians are still fighting either for Iraq, or for Assyria, or whatever. As long as they continue, they will keep dying out for no reason, and I will not feel sorry at all. I do not mind the mass-deaths of people who fight to establish vanities. I see them on their marches, and the flag of Agha Petros is conspicuously absent. Instead, they wave the stupid and pathetic flag of Assyria in one hand, and that of Iraq (or, for fuck’s sake, the flag of the Islamic Republic) in the other. Why should I mourn the death of people who fought that an Islamist—anti-Christian—government might hold sway? Why should I mourn the death of people who fought that an Arabist—anti-Israeli—government might hold sway? Do they not even see how stupid they are, to die in defence of those who hate our creed and our (still-blind) brothers-in-graft?

So: may all the Assyrians stupid enough to fight in a manner different from that of Agha Petros die, and they deserve it. May they be cleared speedily, and may nobody mourn them. May their wives be widowed, and their children orphaned. May their mothers die waiting, and may their fathers wail with despair, as their sons are cut down faster than they can have an orgasm. This is the curse of all who fight wars in defence of heresy; may they die in retreat, and may the carrion-eaters start with their eyes.

If you are a Christian nation—though you are proud of your ethny—you are first of all Christian. Not socialist; not democratic, not Assyrian, not whatever. The same bond that binds Jew and Gentile together binds Assyrian and Arab together: Christ. Not democracy, not communism, not liberty, not egalitarianism, not civilisation, not ethny, not history, nothing. Either “Christ is all in all,” or you don’t bother with Christ. —For I am determined to respect no bonds that are not Christianity, or not subjected entirely to Christianity.

Now, with the Jews it is different. They are (still) blind. They have no alliance beyond nation; it is understandable, in their case. They fight and die for nation, because they know no higher principle. “Where there is no law, sin is not imputed.” And also “Do not eat … of knowledge of good and evil … [or] you shall die.” The Christians, on the other hand, have no excuse for privileging any principle or nation above Christianity, the “nation of kings and priests.” After all, if “in Christ is … neither male nor female, Jew no Gentile, slave nor free” how could there be “Iraqi or Iranian”? But the Jews, being ignorant of Christ, can be permitted to continue on the lower level of “Jew and Gentile.”

So the mistake multiplies, for as long as Christians acquiesce to the non-Christian state. I could even excuse them if they never picked arms; but if you get to picking up arms, and you kill a man as your opponent, what is it that you, the Christian, are enforcing with such finality? “The Arab Republic?” Are you insane? You cannot kill for the establishment of a state for the Christians—that they may have an alternative on Earth, where they can run to when the Islamists come killing, where they can practice the true faith under the protection of a state that is subjugated to the Christian standard—but will willingly slay for some heresy, be it democracy, or socialism, or republicanism, or whatever?
May the curses be multiplied on their heads, and even more on the heads of their children.

This problem is fast-approaching even those Christian nations that refuse to ashame the secularists by declaring openly, firmly, and with finality—with the sword, if necessary—that their state shall be subject to Christ. Because they refuse to do this, God will turn them against the only nation of God that can legitimately privilege ethny above all else (Israel), and they will garner for themselves the curses that afflict all such nations. This is the danger facing the lax-Christian states of Europe, and the curse which the post-Christian states of Europe are enduring (primarily expressed as an invasion of Islamists).
For our part, we have declared in our Articles of Foundation that, by inalterable confession we are a Christian state, and allied on principle with all Christian states, and with the Jewish state, that we may never be legally in opposition to them. Any nationalism or any principle which would impinge on that is subjected to the Articles, and is therefore illegal (even if, because of the flesh, it may happen).

Another interesting case is Lebanon. It is an Arab state with a Christian majority, and indeed a Christian head of state. However, it is an Arab state, not a Christian state; therefore it has found itself committing the same sin which all other Arabs have committed, and it has richly earned the result, which has seen its Christians subjected to the Shiite Muslims (like Hezbollah), and that is only the beginning. At some point, there was a Christian political party, the Falangist “Kataeb” Party, which worked together with the Israelis to check the Islamist terrorists in the south of Lebanon. However, the Falangists didn’t also fight as Christians, but as nationalists of some sort. Therefore, for all the good their vigilance did, it was the wrong thing to fight for, and they richly earn the curse. They never fought for a Christian state, so they fought for the wrong reasons. May all who fight for heresy be eaten as carrion.

For as long as any nation fights for principles too different from those in the Articles of Foundation, they will be fighting against “the king of the kings of the Earth.” (Revelation 1) I think Christians have forgotten that, first of all, state authority comes from God. —And if it comes from God, subjecting our state impulse to Christ is a matter of living out our faith, for we believe that “whether thrones … all was created through Him and for Him.” (Colossians 1)