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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
14th of September, 2014

On Christians Fighting (for) the State

This is a comment I just threw on a blog somewhere.
I hate to be the bearer of this news, but it has been given to me to say it.

These Syriac brothers are still making the same old mistake which even their Assyrian cousins are making all over the place.
They organise on the basis of nation (“Syriac”, “Assyrian”, “Chaldean”, “Arab”, “Kurd”, it makes no difference), and that is a mistake.
Or they organise for the sake of other principles (“peace”, “love”, “democracy”, “coexistence”, “liberty”, “socialism”, “freedom”, or whatever, it makes no difference), and that is also a mistake.

The age of the blood-nation has come and gone. The age of the wishy-washy ideal has come and gone; faith starts and ends everything.
We are all going to fight and die under the banners of religion, whether we realise it or not. For as long as they continue organising on the basis of ethny, or some principle other than their faith, God will not fight for them. God doesn’t favour any nation over another; but He certainly favours our Christian faith over every other ideology, and over everything else.

And so, with great sadness, I tell you now that these people are certainly going to be defeated and humiliated. Their young men will be killed and their women taken. In all honesty, I don’t even support them, because I am not interested in any of their organising principles. Freedom is worth nothing, unless it is subjected to Christianity. Do you think atheists can’t fight even better and harder for freedom? If they are fighting for a secular state, may they lose. I don’t support the triumph of secularism. Doesn’t that young man complain about how the secular Ba’ath treated him?

There is only one organising principle I will support, because it is the only principle that is perfectly right. Freedom is a lie. Democracy is a lie. Socialism, liberty, whatever it may be, it is a lie. If they are not fighting for a Christian state—whatever other principles may come after that—I not only don’t support them, I actually hope for their speedy and humiliating defeat.
This is how more Assyrians died in blood-feuds between Muslims (Sunni Iraq versus Shia Persia) than had died under the flag of Agha Petros. Why did Christians ever give such an ultimate allegiance to heretical systems? May they be carrion!

I see them now fighting alongside Hezbollah (and justifying it, especially after the recent Ted Cruz incident that exposed the deep stupidity of Middle Eastern Christians), as though only Muslims can organise an army under the name of their faith. And, for that matter, even the Falangist Kataeb is in a state of secularist compromise, so it is no more worthy than Hezbollah. Repent!

To hell with Christians who are too shy to fight for a Christian state, but brave enough to fight for a quasi-hedonist state, and think there is much merit in making incessant noise about “brotherhood between Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs …” which is clearly a fiction. Do you not know what the Yezidis, the Kurds, and the Arabs—in league with the Turks—did to the Assyrians because of the faith distinction? There is no brotherhood outside of Christ. There is no liberty outside of Christ. There is no peace outside of Christ. How can I support that a Christian man bear arms to set up a system which accords Christ no higher a place than it gives the that accursed heretic Muhammad, or, for that matter, the opinions of voters? How can I not wish for the defeat of those who pretend that it is good to kill and die for a state that permits—even protects—anti-Christian activity? What do you think got us to where we are?

“For in Christ Jesus there is neither male nor female, Jew nor Gentile.” And only by this token can genuine and peaceful pluralism be built. We have to agree on Christ, or we should fight until one of us dies. Until I see them raising the cross—as Agha Petros of venerable memory did—I will pray that they die quickly before they soil the name of our Lord.

And of a surety they will die, all of them, since they have no hope for as long as they are not explicitly fighting for a Christian state. I am only transmitting a reliable message; do with it what you like.