The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
02nd of June, 2014

Syria, the Worst-Case Scenario

After reading yet another war map from Syria—from the trusty “underworld”—I have come to the sad conclusion: Syria is in a worst-case scenario. Neither the West nor the Russians nor the Syrians themselves ever imagined that their country would end up in a permanent state of jihadism.

See the futility of it. Read the tiresome pointlessness of it all. Now a town, now a street, now a city, now a check-point. They change hands, for sure; and there are even some trends to it at times; but essentially it is a non-stop reinterpretation of pointless war and non-stop jihad. Essentially Syria has become a true adjunct of Iraq, alike even in the details, as the terrorists put it “fi’l Iraq wal sh’Sham.” (Also post-Ghaddafi Libya.) They have vast swathes armed and out of control. They are facing down a determined Islamism. They are lost forever.

This is the worst-case scenario. This is a war that never ends. It’s crazy, but where Syria is: that is exactly where it means to be in Hell. Because what is happening now will not stop. Imagine what bad news that is: to be told now, as a Syrian or Libyan or Iraqi stuck in this situation, to be told that what you have is the beginning, and you are in this hell for the long haul.
Even the Prophet Isaiah has a lot to say of these people.