The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
03rd of October, 2015

Why Do the United Nations Rage?

There is madness that afflicts the nations—the United Nations—because they refuse to acknowledge the King that God has set over the nations. They rage and froth at the mouth because they have refused the counsel of light that would give them a clear direction. So they go from cowardice and hypocrisy to confusion and self-contradiction.

Imagine this: the UN Human Rights Council has agreed that Saudi Arabia, which wrongfully executes a person every two days (and that wrongly and diabolically), the same Saudi Arabia that has invaded a sovereign nation and committed wanton massacres of civillians, shall now investigate its own conduct on behalf of the Human Rights pretenders at the UN.
On the other hand, when Israel so much as asks for a terrorist’s identification papers, everybody screams “apartheid!!!”, while nobody remembers human rights when Israeli babies are stabbed by their enemies.

Now, the fictional nation of Palestine—for there is no Palestine, only Judæa, and even Yasser Arafat (who they claim as father of their national ambitions) was born in Cairo of Egypt—has recently got to fly its flag at the UN. God did not even cause His wind to unfurl it and hallow the accursed banner—which flag betrays the fiction of the “Palestinians” by being of the same pattern as all the other flags the British designed for their Arab realms, all of which nations, such as “Iraqis”, are very recent creations.
The problem with this is that the UN flew it after the Palestinian head insinuated that he would no longer feel bound by treaties and agreements with Israel, which ill-advised agreements are in fact the only way the Palestinians can make a credible claim to anything.

And then Russia is desperately confused. On the one hand, Russia is fighting the Islamic State (Iraq-Syria), being the most-effective such assault in the history of this principality of heresy. This is in fact in response, Russia has said, to the fact that many Chechens (whose nation is under Russian sovereignty) make up core parts of the IS(IS) outfit; the Chechens are a Muslim nation, while Russia is a historically-Christian nation. The problem is that the Russians think that the problem is “extremism”, and as such they are fighting the wrong thing; for if they knew what to fight for, they would first reduce Muslim Chechnya, and set to fire whatever insists on upholding the heresy of muhammad the arch-heretic.
But because of their confusion, they now do not know what to do about the fact that Chechen heretics—extremists themselves—are requiring a part in the Russian response to Chechen heretic extremists. What hath light to do with darkness?