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11th of November, 2014

A Well-Done Segregation: Case Studies of Pakistan, Israel, Nigeria, and Uganda

I have some links for you, and I hope you consider them in turn, and in order. We are going to discuss segregation in Pakistan, Israel, Nigeria, and Uganda, in that order.

Here is the first link: Sunni Death Cult. The thing is particularly interesting to read because the guy who wrote it is in fact a Muslim who is genuinely horrified by what others are doing in the name of Islam, but apparently not by what Islam itself does in the name of God.

The sections in which the Raj sought to regulate Islamic conduct and inauthentic religious expression were maintained, and have periodically been used to sanction violence against those who deviate from an established line of increasingly Wahhabi orthodoxy.

Christians have been targeted with particular animosity, and the blasphemy cases themselves have become an outlet for popular rage, owing to their harsh penalties and light burden of proof. Despite carrying the maximum punishment of death, there are no fixed standards for evidence or procedure. Trials have taken place where intent is never proven on the part of the accused, and witnesses have been allowed to refrain from describing the actual crime so as not to “repeat the blasphemy.” As a result, entire proceedings can reach completion without the accused ever being told their alleged crime. Many cases also involve local disputes between Muslims and Christians that simply evolved into the latter being accused of blasphemy, with the former taking advantage of their ability to use the state to harass and violate Christians (and non-Sunnis in general) at Sunni Muslim leisure.
What is particularly interesting is just how little the bleeding-heart Muslims know about Islam. There is nothing aberrant about Islamic mass-murder; it was the founder’s explicit command, wrapped in divine sanction. So this writer concludes:
Instead, Pakistani Islamism has become increasingly fused with empty ideas of violence and sectarianism. The religion is being deprived of its ethical righteousness, and willingness to consult other sources in an effort to enhance personal understanding and fulfillment. That is the tragedy confronting us as “winners” of this vicious internal war against the Christians. We are seeking to preserve ourselves by killing and maiming those who we believe to be existential threats against Pakistan. We believe that we are righteously defending our personal values, and that we are doing Allah’s work. They are all lies.
He is wrong. Pakistani Islamism is true Islam, lacking in ethical righteousness. Those who murder Christians on behalf of Islam are indeed doing Allah’s will. That writer likely has no idea, having grown up in generally-Christian Canada, that barbarism is high culture in Islam, and genocidal beheadings the example of their prophet. He sits in Canada and presumes to judge the Pakistani application of Islam because he happens to share nationality with them, even though he is defining Islam opposite to how Muhammad defined it. Here are some real Muslims, who even cite the Qur’an:
Over the early hours of this morning there emerged an audio clip attributed to the Sinai-Gaza jihadi group Jamaat Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (JABM: the Group of the Helpers/Partisans of the Holy House [Jerusalem], which emerged post-Mubarak), declaring allegiance to the 'caliph of the Muslims' Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, thereby making JABM a part of the Islamic State [IS]. The recording's content is fairly standard and predictable. Reflecting the group's affinity for global jihad, the speaker cites the following hadith from Prophet Muhammad in the opening:
I have been ordered to fight the people until they testify that there is no deity but God, and Muhammad is His Messenger, and they undertake prayer and give zakat. If they do that, their blood and wealth are guaranteed by me with respect to Islam, and their reckoning is with God Almighty" [narrated by Sahih Bukhari and Muslim].
Then follows a description of JABM's history, noting in particular its record in fighting the 'strongest/most vehement enemies of the Ummah: the Jews' (cf. Qur'an 5:82). The speaker also justifies its fight with reference to the Qur'anic verse: 'Fight them until there is no more fitna and religion is solely of God's.'
I hope I do’t actually have to prove that I can establish terrorism and murder as a core part of the Islamic doctrine of jihad, and I know that nobody can pretend to alienate jihad from Islam of Muhammad, the accursed heretic.
In a recording released in response to the launch of the international anti-ISIS coalition campaign, ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Al-'Adnani, addressed Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis members, offering moral support: "Before we conclude, we cannot forget to praise our brothers the jihad fighters in proud Sinai. Hope has spread in the land of Egypt; the prophecy was revealed in Egypt in their blessed actions against the guardians of the Jews, the soldiers of Al-Sisi, the new Pharaoh. This is the true path; continue on it. May Allah bless you; disperse them wherever you find them. Lay traps for them on the roads, attack the headquarters, attack them in their homes, cut off their heads. Do not let them live safely. Hunt them wherever they are. Turn their world into fear and hell. Remove their children and blow up their homes. Do not say that this is fitna, because fitna is their tribesmen's defense of them and failure to distance themselves from them."
Et cetera, et cetera.

The Muslim attacks that inspired the article I first linked-to are reported here: Christian couple lynching incited by mullah of local mosque: police.

Local media reported the couple was accused of burning a copy of the Holy Quran and throwing it in a rubbish bin in the province of Punjab on Tuesday. Police said their bodies were set on fire in a brick kiln.
What that Pakistani newspaper does not tell you is why these Pakistanis were working at a brick kiln. In Pakistan, Christians are segregated against by the society (not by the law), and a huge, huge number of them only survive as slaves working in brick kilns. This is hard, thankless work for which they are not even paid. Here are some samples from one guy who writes about such things:

Muslims in Pakistan took an entire Christian family and enforced them into slavery, laboring in a brick kiln. They took the son in order to send him into another brick kiln, and when his parents resisted the captors, they brutally beat the mother in front of the husband, and then horrifically tortured the husband.

Muslims in Pakistan have taken 20,000 Christian families, and have forced all of them into a major, and quite underground, life of Islamic slavery. The Muslims have put them to work making bricks in brick kiln, under horrid conditions completely void of the comforts of modern convenience.

A Christian family in Pakistan was kept as slaves for twenty five years straight in a brick kiln. They lived without any basic comforts, such as toilets. As one report states …

I have just found that he also covered this same story, with some extra details:
A Christian couple in Pakistan were burnt alive by a Muslim mob and their kiln owner. They were slaves in a brick kiln, and were murdered by their slaver owner. The wife was seven months pregnant, and even when they were begging for mercy, the Muslims lit them on fire and burnt them to death. … According to the police they were unable to recover the bodies of the persecuted couple except their ashes. There are more than 20,000 Christian families in Kiln business, and most of them are bounded slaves.

These guys are better than the news, when it comes to such issues. They mention a Pakistani contact, and I know that they are telling the truth about the conditions of the Pakistani Christians, having had a chance to meet this on-the-ground contact of theirs in the past and discuss these issues.

Now, we can see that Pakistan is socially quite justified in attacking and enslaving and murdering Christians, because it has to be true to its Islamism. Nobody should blame Pakistan any more than they blame Islamic State. I know that a secularist founded the state, but since it is an Islamic state, it has to overcome the incoherent and inconsistent attempts of the founder, Muhammad Ali Jannah, and choose between being true to Islam on the one hand, thereby harrassing and killing Christians, and not being true to Islam, and implementing the original ideal of a Pakistan where Christians are free to live and worship. It is sad, but expected, that Jannah’s short-sighted idealism should lose out to Zia-ul-Haq’s transcendent reality of divinely-sanctioned intolerance. One direct lesson we can take from here is that, if you want to establish a workable, humane state, don’t let it be Islamic, but rather Christian; and if you want to have humans who grow good, rather than bad, have them Christian, not heretical, like Islamic.
(It is a very strange irony that the first Christian to ever suggest a modern Christian nation-state will be hated for it, while the modern World has presided over the formation of Islamic states, and supported them wherever they existed. The problem seems to be the Christianity, not the will to define the nation and state by religion. In a World dominated by the post-Christian West, the reigning secularism is really directed against Christianity in particular.)

The modern World is a bit confused about segregation. Every human being segregates against some people, because we all instinctively understand the utility of segregation. The problem is never the segregation, but rather how it is done.
In America, for instance, segregating against people because of their race is not proper, even though it happens; but to segregate against them based on their preference for polygamy is proper to them, and it happens.
(To me, it is not proper to segregate against polygamy, as I see no wrong with polygamy; I would much sooner segregate against infidelity than against polygamy. Similarly, segregation based on preferred perversion—what they call “sexual orientation”—is not proper to them, but it is proper to me. I even segregate against my own feverish perversions, since I use law, not preference, to choose the subjects of segregation.)

So: segregation is okay. Everybody should know what he segregates against, and do so truthfully and consistently. If you do not want Arabs or Blacks in your town, make that clear and consistent. There is nothing wrong with segregation. What could be wrong about segregation, for instance the kind they had against Blacks in America, is that it was not truthful, even if it had been consistent. Their law said that Blacks are not segregated against, but that was not the case in practice. If their Constitution had said that Blacks were to be segregated against, it would have been fine. But as things stood, they were inconsistent with their own national mythos, and that is the problem: they broke the law.

The madness that sets the moderns against segregation, especially the Western World, springs from a sad prior commitment to insane ideals of brotherhood that is neither simply human (where all humans are brothers), or clearly segregative (because apparently arbitrary segregation is not okay).
Now let us turn to Israel.

A little-discussed reality of the Middle East is that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where every single Arab citizen has the same rights as everybody else, including the head of state.
Pause and think about this: the only country uniformly hated by Arabs in the Middle East is Israel.
You can see how Israel has pandered enough to the insane Western standard, and accepted as brothers those who have sworn their very souls to hatred against Jews. This madness has afflicted the Jews mostly because they are desperate for acceptance by Western nations (which acceptance will never come, even after such suicidal conformism), not because it makes sense to anybody. And as though evidence were lacking, that segregation is the responsible thing to do, here is a news link:

The fatal stabbing of an Israeli woman and a young soldier Monday by Palestinian assailants heightened tensions as a wave unrest appeared to be gaining strength ahead of Tuesday’s 10th anniversary of the death of iconic leader Yasser Arafat.

A Palestinian later stabbed three people at a bus stop next to the West Bank settlement of Alon Shvut, killing Dalia Lemkus, 25, and wounding two other people. A private security guard shot and wounded the attacker. The stabbing occurred at the same bus stop where three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped in June. The teens were killed by Hamas militants, and the abductions sparked a massive Israeli crackdown on the group.

Five days ago, a Palestinian rammed his car into pedestrians in central Jerusalem, the second such incident of its kind in as many weeks, killing two Israelis. Police shot the driver dead.

Angry protesters took to the streets across the country on Sunday, and police raised alert levels nationwide over the fatal shooting of a young Arab-Israeli.

Earlier in the week, shops, schools and businesses were shuttered in Arab towns and villages where a general strike was observed over Saturday's killing of a 22-year-old in Kfar Kana, near the northern city of Nazareth.

In the town on Sunday mounted police dispersed masked protesters who hurled stones and fireworks, blocked streets with burning tyres and waved Palestinian flags.

In particular, what makes these kinds of attacks hard to police is that they are lone-wolf activities. It is not people who identify with any particular militant outfit; it is also not disgruntled citizens, since their rights are not infringed upon, but rather affirmed in a way that is unique in the Middle East. On the contrary, these people attack the Jews because they consider themselves enemies. This failure to identify with Israel is sufficient grounds for segregation.

A sad subtext here may be that Israel has made self-righteous capital from the crimes of the Holocaust, and feels that it would be inching closer to the same crimes if it practiced such warranted segregation. Nevertheless, genocide and segregation are not the same thing. Jews should not have any trouble with Germans segregating against non-Germans, if the Germans so wish; they should just have a problem with being in exile, and pray that it ends, so that their nation can also have a place for a legitimate segregation that protects Jews, rather than harm them. Segregation is not Nazi; it is the Holocaust that is Nazi. Segregation is not bad; genocide is bad. Now thank God that they get their home back; however, bewail that they are tricked into not knowing to practice the segregation which alone can justify their wanting to be back home in the first place.

I could add that Israel should not make self-righteous capital out of the Shoah, since it was something Jews are well-capable of (or, at least should be). Indeed, if the accusations against the Jews had been true, the Holocaust would have been justifiable. Similar accusations, against other groups, should they prove true, must lead to a fight unto death between any two nations. Yet we know that they were mass-murdered on forged pretexts meant to obscure blind racism, and this is a sin that the Jewish nation is also capable of doing. No nation has a monopoly on what we call “Total Depravity,” and no nation is immune. It is about Adam, and we are all Adamic. Even worse, the Jews call those who merely did what they were supposed to do “Righteous Among the Nations.” Why is it worth celebrating as a remarkable righteousness that someone did not take part in genocide? Isn’t that supposed to be the simple normal thing? The righteous among the nations are those who have put their faith in the Messiah, Jesus Christ, who the Jews in fact rejected and brought upon themselves the judgement that cast them into the exile of death.

The problem is that we have to segregate. In this World, we can accept everybody as a human being, made in the image of God, and act according to that. That is sufficient to argue against slavery, for instance, even if we did it (or genocide, or whatever other such thing). It is sufficient to argue for any moral good we may be oriented to; after all, the foundation of all morality is to love your neighbour as you love yourself. Yet if we are not going to act this way to everybody, then we ought to be clear that we are segregating against a specific set of humans.

If we define a nation, it is always in terms of who we accept and who we reject. The only thing universal is our humanity; but if not all humans are members of our nation, then indeed we are segregating against some. But let us be careful to be clear that we are segregating, and clear about who we are segregating.

Now, of course, it is worth noting that the Arabs who do these attacks against the Jews are uniformly Muslims. This is no accident. Israel could make the job of segregating simpler by identifying itself (as it already does) with Zionism, and then identifying Islam as opposed to the basic ideology, Zionism, and thereby justify segregation against such people as will cause trouble (Muslims, who happen to be Arabs). Ultimately, everybody is going to have to recognise the challenge that accepting Islam poses to human life itself. Israel could have done this long ago, had it not been too desperate for acceptance from Gentiles. Islam is a special case that could be segregated against in Israel, where it can be justifiable to segregate against self-identifying “Palestinians,” or Arabs, if these can be identified as the prevailing challenge to the nation.
Either way, they have to choose what the rule for segregation is, and then follow it consistently and in good conscience. We cannot avoid segregating; it is how we define a nation.

My own belief is that it is generally not right to segregate against Arabs, but that it is incumbent on every responsible state to segregate against Muslims consistently. Nigeria, now: “Suicide Attack Kills 47 Students in Nigeria

About fifty teenagers have been killed in an attack on Monday, carried out by suicide bomber who was disguised as a student in the north-east of Nigeria, in one of the worst massacres attributed to the Islamist grup Boko Haram, which states that it is fighting against Western education, and continues to carry out killings.
The worst part of this is that too many people think they can continue to live in peace with Islam and those who affirm it, the Muslims. I, too, disagree with Western education in nearly all the packagings of it that I have seen; but since I am not a Muslim, I have not yet got warrant to mass-murder children. I, too, disagree with democracy in the most-fundamental way possible—I consider it a variant on the twin heresies of antinomianism and hedonism—but I have not yet sanctioned mass-murder in the fight against them. This is not because I am not Adamic and therefore totally-depraved; rather, I am a Christian, and I do not have any express instructions to go out and commit sin. This is not true for Muslims, who are only good when they disobey their prophet. We cannnot pretend to have dealt with any of the security problems facing a modern state until we have outlawed Islam, segregated against Muslims, and affirmed Christianity as the perpetual cornerstone of the nation’s ideology. I say Christian, because everything else is some variant on Islam (but I only have links and time for Islam, for now).

Uganda, now, from the Articles of Foundation:

The right of sojourn is denied to all who: - express opposition to the perpetual existence of the Free State; - express support for ideologies and religions that endanger the lives of Christians; - have been exiled from the Free State as punishment for a capital offence; - self-identify as Muslim. Roaming on the territory of the Free State is forbidden for those to whom the right of sojourn is denied; it is considered an enemy invasion.
And we are not joking. We single out Muslims as a precedent, that any group which clearly qualifies as anti-Christian should be, by name, segregated against in the entirety of the country. We are not ashamed of pointing out who we do not like, and consistently enforcing segregation against such as we fully understand to be at pending war with the state. As a legitimate wielder of the sword, and bearing not the sword in vain, it would be for purposes like this—enforcing segregation against this murderous heresy—that the state is relevant in the first place.
Of course, in the Christian Free State the sword is borne by the citizens themselves, the Christians of the country, such that the enforcement of the segregation is only as consistent as they are, which is how it should be.