The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
23rd of August, 2014

Gazan Style

Amazing how one short video can explain so much.

Whenever you hear of “human shields” you wonder what they are thinking. The Jews and Christians express their faith through life; the Muslims, on the other hand, through death. This man, in holding a one-man protest in support of Hamas, and with references to recent speeches by Hamas leadership, is actually showing you very clearly a human shield family, and what goes on inside Gazan houses just before mainstream media accuses Israel of targetting little girls.

That guy is a Gazan, standing in a street with his family. He is of sound mind and body, except he has truly believed what Hamas told him. That brainwashing is why he even says that him and his little daughters being killed was “glory and honour.” He even notices that Hamas leadership doesn’t take part in this “glory and honour”, but he still never questions the culture of mass-suicidal warfare.

And how do you defeat an enemy like that? If, as Hamas always proclaims, “We desire death as much as the Jews the desire life,” what is the point in not killing them—or, for that matter, in killing them? People think politics is the problem, or economics, or education. Nonsense. Islam is the problem. Muhammad was a heretic.

Hamas literally murders little girls. —Or, in this case, entire families, including the men, women, and children. If this stuff had been done by anynone else, we would probably hear condemnation. If it were done by Israel, NATO would probably invade it. But it was done by Islamists, so you heard condemnation—for Israel. I used to think I had seen it all.