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22nd of June, 2014

Real-Life MMORPG

I am in the middle of beginning another attempt—this time serious—at writing a first novel. See, I am almost of age. The Arabs say “A man should have a son, plant a tree, and write a book.”

It is a recursive novel. I am not aware of any precedents, so it is very challenging to write. I know it must have a base case, but I have shifted that out of the book’s plot by adding you, the reader, as a character. So there will occur some paradoxes that nevertheless should be solved.

Yet reading the news feels like being in a horrible strategy game, living it, reading about it. I am participating in a weird story, almost like one of my novels. Look:

Second US Guided-Missile Destroyer Arrives in Europe

UK Scrambles Jets to Intercept Russian Planes in International Airspace Over the Baltic Sea

Putin Orders Surprise Drills to Check Combat Readiness of Central-Russia Forces

That is in the North-Mediterranean (which you can call Europe). Now move over to the East-Mediterranean:

“Levantine Jihadis Seize 3 New Iraqi Cities in Anbar Province” —Reports
I am refusing to remain undecided between “ISIS” and “ISIL” and the wildly-inconsistent “DAIISH” or even the sweeter “Dawlah”. I will call them the Levantine Jihadis, at least for now.

Shi’i Fighters Rally Before Engaging Levantine Jihadis

—No pun: shit! And this just from the Russian perspective, which is an important (if often dangerously-flawed) one. The World is clearly at the point of blowing up. The sword is drunken in heaven. I am glad that some are spared the difficult time, coming soon—and here even now—when God will prove their Total Depravity before all men. As in “complete lostness.” Because He will not have chosen them, they will not seek Him, and they will die. Yet of those whom He chose—and who believed and were sanctified—He says “I was found by those who were not seeking me,” and it is those who He turned to Him, who also admitted their Total Depravity, and did not die.