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24th of July, 2014

Re: When you talk about Israel

On the other hand, it is also weird for anybody to even compare Hamas to the State of Israel.
The media has obsessively counted every dead body in the conflict between Hamas and Israel. They rarely explain why so many more Palestinians than Israelis have been killed: Hamas does not allow Palestinian civilians into their shelters, while using civilian areas from which to fire their rockets; Israel, on the other hand, devotes its resources to building shelters and Iron Dome protection. Put another way, while Israel uses shelters and Iron Dome to protect its civilians, Hamas uses its civilians to protect its rockets and its terrorists.
The real issue with a paragraph like that is that it is true. Yet in spite of being true, and having been acknowledged as such by Bill Clinton in the past days, the World’s outrage at seeing the pictures of dead babies is directed at Israel, the only defender and protector of babies in the Middle East; while Hamas, whose kids’ television features lessons for “martyrdom”, gets off with as much support as a deceived World can give.

Meanwhile, in spite of the use of human shields, at least 81% of all victims in the recent conflict have almost-certianly been Hamas fighters. That is left out of the newscasts, as is the fact that this is better than any country (USA, Britain, France, whichever) in a comparable situation. I will cast the second stone.

I wish they would talk about the fact that the most-persecuted group of people in the World are the Christians. Angela Merkel admitted it recently. In Nigeria alone, at least 150 were killed this week, and all anybody speaks of is the Gaza militants. Everybody cares about land for those Arabs, but nobody cares that a 6,000-year-old community was exiled from Nineveh this week. 6,000 years is longer than any Arab claim to land; nobody cared about the Christians of Mosul, while they scream in support of the self-confessed génocidaire Islamists of Hamas.

Some fact about Israel.
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