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24th of October, 2013

All the King’s Men

The British empire was a flash in the pan. Compared to Ancient Egypt’s multi-millennial staying power, for instance, the British empire barely lived.
Yet even more-ephemeral has been the American empire. So ephemeral, in fact, that most citizens of the Republic never quite noticed when the Republic had become the Empire until the empire was already between the hard jaws of peak oil.

This article, A Lesser Superpower Than We Used To Be is where someone, apparently an American, is coming to terms with how fast empires collapse in the age of jet engines, Stuxnet, Twitter, and entire civilisations whose populations are aged 40 on average, without children.
It took Rome about two hundred years to properly unwind. America as the imperial leader of the known world could become history after one short decade.

Because the problem is peak oil, there is simply no solution. As John Michael Greer puts it  “Collapse now and avoid the rush.” He is a heathen, but the guy has some important things correct.