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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
04th of November, 2014

So is it Unassisted Homicide Next?

First, the requisite confession of the truthful human: I would kill (even murder) in many cases. One of them is if someone I love is suffering unbearably, and it is within my power to end it all with killing that person. This is true, and I would be lying if I pretended that I would never kill someone I love, if I found that he or she is trapped in intractable and insufferable pain. Nevertheless, I would have murdered that person.

It's crazy how Americans use this silly phrase these days, "Assisted Suicide." Hah. They think they are clever! Original, even! Are you completely stupid, people? Suicide means you kill yourself. If it is "assisted," it is automatically homicide.
And the Americans exported this insanity, which the Roman Catholics (in one of their moments of sanity, as is the case on many such issues) have labeled the "culture of death".

But I hate how it is presented as though only Roman Catholic priests, or some other variant on Christian religious fanatic (like myself), are the ones opposing "assisted suicide" and calling it what it actually is, be it a "culture of death" or, as is most-accurate, "homicide".
I only have to be logical to see this.

Why are doctors considered more-qualified, instead of less-qualified, to commit such homicide? Do you think it really takes specialist knowledge of human anatomy to get someone reliably from sickness to death, even painlessly? Mostly, all you need is a blunt weapon, or a gun, or a poison. The vast majority of successful suicides (painless, even) are done by first-timers, and are successful on the first attempt. Nobody should wrap suicide in the white garb of the healing arts, since that is simply not necessary. Homicide, on the other hand, does need the extra hands (and, yes, even a doctor will do).

You see, if they didn't fudge about and make up incoherent shit like "assisted suicide", they would recognise themselves as one with those regimes that brain-wash their victims into preferring an execution over the next day. That you got to the point where you prefer to be killed doesn't change that you are going to suffer homicide.

I must also note that what allows me to be true to the truth, which is that "assisted suicide" is really just murder in fudge-terms, is that I am submissive to the divine law, even when I do not keep it. I started by confessing that I could (even would) murder someone I love in such a situation. But I also insist that I would have committed homicide. (There is no such thing as "assisted suicide".) You have to be one of us (my kind of religious fanatic, I mean) to do this; to take the side of divine law, even when it condemns you.

We do not pretend, as the others do (Roman Catholic priests included) that either we do not commit sins, which we oppose, or that they are not sins to be opposed, because we commit them. Rather, we know that what we tend towards is sinful, that we indulge in it by nature, but we judge against it anyway, because we have been taught in this faith to always expect such from ourselves, and to respect the pure, unblemished perfection of the holy law of God. Thou shalt not kill. Do we nullify the Law by this faith? Au contraire, we re-affirm it. Let God be true, and every single man a liar. That You may prevail, O Lord, when you are judged.