The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
30th of November, 2014

As a Heap on the Threshing-Floor

So now the Syrian Arab Army has taken to using tunnel bombs, and proudly propagating the fact. There is a video online where they offer a journalist access to the tunnel and footage of the bombing, and they discuss the effectiveness of the trick, and the reporter ends by saying he is in the Damascus Area.

Incidentally, the trick was pioneered there by the Islamic Front, and the brigade (or whatever you call the grouping) that begun it was once featured in a detailed and interesting interview. They are not well-funded or well-armed, so they tend to prefer ingenuity. I believe this was in the VICE News documentary, Ghosts of Aleppo. Now it is a preferred method, perhaps the preferred method, for these guys in particular. It is being deployed now on targets both big and small.

I am convinced that the tunnel bomb has no easy answers on the battlefield, in Syria and in most other places. It seems that it will become the option for those who need to dislodge a well-entrenched position, and who have the manpower for tunnels, the patience to execute it starting from a distance, and the large number of high explosives to take out a base by surprise.

Seeing that the Syrian government’s army has adopted the tunnel-bomb tactic, which is being used more and more by their most-tenacious opponents (i.e., Islamic Front, not Islamic State), triggering a scramble to the strategy by well-nigh everybody in the Syrian battlefield, I think we have seen the beginnings of Isaiah 17 and Amos 1 and Zephaniah 2 before our eyes. Remember that the things they speak of have, historically, never happened. Until recently, Damascus was used as some kind of proof that the prophets got this repeated assertion wrong; it is extreme, and yet it never happened (in the past).

Behold, Damascus will be taken away from among cities and abandoned and left as a heap on the threshing floor. See, moreover, how the threshing has started on the edges, closing in from Rif Damashq.
I know the prophets did not need to go into detail, but once again (to quote Jesus): O ye foolish ones and slow to believe in everything that the prophets have spoken. Everything.