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26th of August, 2014

Yet More on Cannabis and Legalism

The volume should reduce from here on, as we may hope:
So you smoke dope? If so, why do you not see the cannibas in your lungs before you pick on the nicotine in your brother's?
I smoked cannabis, yes, and I am hoping to resume in about a week’s time, but I don’t think cannabis is bad at all. I don’t see a reason to remove it; I see a reason to use it and to encourage it for those who have a need for it.
However, every animal knows that nicotine is poison, even when it gives them a high. It is sensible that I counsel against nicotine, because I counsel against poison. I cannot counsel against cannabis, because there is nothing wrong with it.

I guess I should tell Ted: “why do you support nicotine, and yet oppose cannabis?” I never go around pointing legalistic finders at tobacconists, but not at cannabists either. I would never have written these if this blog had never first attacked cannabis. And why would I forbid tobacco? Am I in the place of God? Nevertheless, it is certainly a poisonous addiction, and cannabis is certainly a medicinal drug. That’s as far as I go. The rest is for those who are under the law.