The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
18th of November, 2014

Now They Get Guns

Gun control not only does not work, it is outright wicked. There is a reason nobody ever attempts machete control: it is wicked. Shall we live without machetes just because 800,000 Rwandese were literally done to death with them in the space of three months? If ever there was an argument for machete control, there it is.

Nobody should be banned from being armed in self-defence; but, more-importantly, nobody should submit to such suicidalist pseudo-pacifist nonsense and obey directives to not be armed. It is simply a basic human right, not a privilege, to be able to fight with fatal force. We are not at liberty to forbid or judge against what God and reason enjoin with fervent insistence. We do not limit the capacity to offend with fatal force just because it is preferable to only use it in self-defence. After all, the ones we defend against are not going to be obeying this basic decency in the first place.

Consider this.

Four people have been killed and at least 8 wounded when two assailants attacked worshipers with knives, axes and a pistol in a synagogue in North Jerusalem in the morning.
Do you realise that not only did gun control fail there, but also that axe-control and knife-control would need to have worked? Guns did not kill people; knives did not kill people; axes did not kill people; Falastin Muslims killed people.

The wicked people who run our states keep us disarmed, until their fellow-wicked force the issue. May both be accursed before the face of God. May they be forever accursed! They do not see a problem with mass-arming when they want to invade a neighbour, or to repel an invasion; and they certainly do not worry that everybody will shoot everybody when they mass-conscript—on the contrary, they hope indeed that everybody on their side will shoot everybody on the other side. They only oppose mass-arming because they want to prevail, not because they even vaguely believe their own rhetoric about how bad it is for people to be armed.

Israel’s Public Security Minister, Yitzhak Aharonovitch, has said that gun controls for self-defense will be eased in wake of the attack.
“In the coming hours, I will ease controls on carrying weapons,” he said in comments broadcast on public radio.
And the foolish minister here continues to fail to see reason, adding that:
He added that the new rules will apply to anyone who owns a gun license, such as private security guards and off duty army officers.
Fuck that. Nobody should give you rules on guns, unless they also give rules on blunt objects and ropes, which after all are used more-often in murder.

In our state, guns and all manner of fierce arms are the duty of every homestead.