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18th of September, 2014

Syncretism, Within Reformed Christianity

The reason I use the Septuagint, even though I am Reformed, is because I am doctrinally (and traditionally, and by baptism) Reformed, but spiritually Eastern Orthodox. I use Koine Greek as my primary “liturgical” language. It is a very hard thing to live with, and even harder to explain. I actually incorporate as much of non-Latin Christianity as I can, as God enables me.

I do not agree with the spartan liturgy of the Protestants. I also believe in the validity of sacred tradition. I don’t believe that the Reformation was a stopping point—leave alone a starting point—but rather, a turning point. Hey, I even believe in icons! (No jokes. And any Prots who want a fight, come!)

I respect the Protestant approach as part of the journey on which Christ has taken Latin-descended communions, for His own purposes, and I will not anathematise them over it, but I have serious problems with the ridiculousness of what has unjustifiably calcified among the Protestants. The main benefit, I think, is the distinction of the confessional Christianity (which I call “Pauline”) from the traditional (“Petrine”). However, the distinction made, maintained, and respected, I see no reason to spurn a Spirit-led syncretism. There is much scriptural justification for it!

… There are problems with Eastern Orthodoxy—we are on Earth, after all—but any Prots who still think in Prot-only terms are deserving of a weighty slap. I am certainly a syncretistic Christian Prot, and I am not apologetic about it.

-- From a blog comment