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29th of March, 2014

Mass-Arm The Innocents

From Karachi Cop, which I happened to watch:

The city is awash with weapons.
Not true. Only the Taliban and their like are armed. Note carefully the later reference to “armed gangs,” which inevitably show up when guns are for goons. Guns-are-for-goons is what gun control means. If the locals could shoot them—’cause they know them—they would have cleared their own city. I think mass-arming is a seriously under-used tool for achieving public security. You should see what happened to crime in general, and gun crime in particular, after London was disarmed. Same thing that happened in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles after they were disarmed. They see it is fine when they want to attack a neighbouring country (then they arm everyone, not worrying about the inexistent danger of everyone turning guns on everybody else), but not when attacking an internal enemy like organised crime and rape. —Then the strategy of citizen soldiers is taboo, and instead they try to disarm the lawless by passing laws of total disarmament.

Foff, modern world! Foff!

By the way, if you think they can somehow choke the arms supply of the Taliban, you need to see this to believe it:
Insane. Crazy world. You can’t stop the gun; it is here to stay. Arm the innocents and give them a chance to fight back.