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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
24th of August, 2014

It’s Taking Shape

Ah, the World after cheap oil! Imagine that these things are being written about a country from whose coast you can actually see Italy with the naked eye:
The situation in Libya is drastically degrading. At the moment this country is becoming a failed state, breaking into small domains ruled by warlords with rather murky reputations.
This situation was created due to complex political, military and social reasons. It is evident that we are dealing not with some short-term crisis, but a long-term tendency that was started by the events of 2011.

“Normal nation-building” has failed. A relatively safe country in close proximity to Europe has become a playground for radical Islamists and terrorists.
There is no progress in the national dialogue. There are no law enforcement agencies. All the government agencies that matter are paralyzed. There are more human rights violations now than under Colonel Gaddafi. Civilians are killed every day, infrastructure is being destroyed, not even a semblance of order exists, and economic development is absolutely out of the question. The latest parliamentary elections did not help to stabilize the situation. The situation in Tripoli has deteriorated so far that the first session of the new parliament had to be held far from the capital of the country.

You may remember that war that overthrew and killed Gaddafi and all his sons (perhaps save for one). And now the new state of play is taking shape. It doesn’t look good, at all.The smoke from the fighting of these jihadists at Tripoli International Airport is actually visible from Europe. Hmm …

Of course, the issue here is that Libya is one of the biggest oil exporters. Forget the resource curse; think peak oil.