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09th of December, 2014

Female Suicide-Bombers sans Male Houris?

I have just happened upon a quote from Bazungu Bucks’ blog.
Apparently, you do not find female suicide-bombers motivated by the thought of 72 male houris (to put it gentler).

Which begs the question, then: how does Boko Haram get the women suicide bombers?
It easily demonstrates that, though Islam does in fact use the houris to motivate suicide bombing, this is not necessary to make suicide bombers.

Islam incorporates the houris as a remnant of bebouin sex-worship. It is entirely separate from the primary motivation for suicide bombing, which is that suicidal warfare (according to Islam) confers heaven outright. It is the highest good that can be done in Islam; it is the only thing that throws the person direct into jannah.

And, one more time, the problem is none other than that Islam is heresy. All heresy, when it is full-grow—that is, when it is worked to its conclusion—is about killing, stealing, and destroying. All heresy. All. Islam is just one. This is also where the Jehovah Witnesses end up, even though they start out in a more-timid position.