The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
15th of June, 2014

Uganda Weed Review #2: Kigali

How is it that the Uganda Weed Review end up tasting Rwandese cannabis? We happen to have found ourselves there, with a sound supply of medium-to-low grade volcanic weed. The procurement was a lot more complicated than you would experience in Uganda, of course, because there is more state in Rwanda.

In Uganda, they roll them up for you in neat white paper. In Rwanda—the samples I got from around Remera—they are clearly more-oppressed. I had to duck down an alley and get rolled-up balls in brown paper. The paper is apparently prepared for use in smoking the weed. This is a sad state of affairs. In Uganda, one would have very fine stuff already-rolled, for that price. —And the seeds wouldn’t be nearly as plentiful!

But the high is gentle. Strong enough, and very related to the Ugandan sativa high, but different enough to justify cross-breeding.