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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
16th of May, 2014


You know, the main insult Jesus Christ used was “hypocrites!” Now, to our cultures it is generally not a big deal if one is dark on the inside, as long as the outside is not. With Jesus, the outside didn’t matter. —Hence “Clean the inside of the dish, and the outside will be clean also.” —And “Do not judge by appearances, but judge rightly.”

Similarly, for this World and the Pharisees who run it, the outside was what mattered, not the inside. —Hence “If this man were a prophet, he would know who it is that washes his feet.” Or even “He eats with sinners and tax-collectors!”

Now here is the problem:
Hours after a Sudanese court sentenced his pregnant wife to death when she refused to recant her Christian faith, her husband told CNN he feels helpless.
And not just him, but all of us who have to live with the fact that the states under which we live have sold us out due to their cowardice. Consider this:
Amnesty International describes Ibrahim as a prisoner of conscience.
"The fact that a woman could be sentenced to death for her religious choice, and to flogging for being married to a man of an allegedly different religion, is abhorrent and should never be even considered," Manar Idriss, Amnesty International's Sudan researcher, said in a statement.
Nonsense. The Muslims who run that country have done no wrong, but only what is right—for they have followed their law, which requires that Christians be plundered, raped, and murdered.
The problem is not with (the) Sudan; the problem is with Islam. Sudan only happens to be under the wicked, wrong-headed, supremacist, murderous, genocide ideology: Islam.

And as for Amnesty International: “Hypocrites!” Do you find it so easy to condemn what the state of (the) Sudan does, and yet cannot condemn the Islam that commands it?
As Jesus said, “They will receive the heavier punishment.”

For the rest of us, the sensible thing is this: denounce Islam, and get armed. Enough already.