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14th of November, 2014

After the Prophets: Jihadis and Inter-Abrahamic Dynamics

Earlier this year, VICE News made an excellent and characteristic documentary on the Islamic State. It is worth watching, in particular because these men are living exactly by the creed of Islam, and now they have a state where they have the authority to continue exactly as their religion tells them to. I envy them everything, save for their being heretics.

One of the more-interesting characters in there was an aged jihadi who had travelled very far to come and live under shariah, and to wage jihad under the bannaer of his caliph.
The honour and glory that is reserved for the jihadi in Islam, both in the here-and-now and in the afterlife, is only paralleled by that given to the prophets. The old man summarises it all in a weighty line, delivered to the backing of hollered takbirs: “After the prophets come the mujahideen!” This is basic to the Islamic mythos.

The other line that has been preserved from generation to generation is “Nobody understands Qur’an like the jihadi.”
And while these are all affirmations of the same Islam I would like to see purged out of my country, I happen to agree completely. The most-basic thing about living out Islam is war against the non-Muslims; it is the one “sacrament” which confers a straight pass to heaven, in their faith.

Indeed, the prophet of Islam commited a genocide against the tribe of Banu Qurayza, which is the earliest recorded (and undenied) genocide of the Jews, wherein a whole tribe was murdered because it was Jewish. The Christians followed after that, by the hand of that brilliant general, Khalid ibn al-Walid.

(In what may be a sign of my fideistic accomodation, I actually believe that Muhammad was accidentally correct when he labeled his general, the prime jihadi, “Saif-u-llah [al maslul]”, which is “the [drawn] sword of the Lord”. I truly believe that Islam, no less that the Great Plague, was an act of God, and that Khalid’s sword in particular was anointed of God no less than that of Cyrus the Great, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Pontius Pilate, and the Babylonians in Habakkuk’s prophecy. All such authority, all such power, all such Sword, comes from God. No wonder nobody withstood them on the battlefield, and they died in their beds, “as an old camel dies” in the dignity of undefeat, because of Who goes before them; and Psalm 33 is true that “a king is not saved by his hordes, nor the warrior by his great strength; the war materiel is false hope, and by its huge calibre it cannot deliver.”)

Now, because the jihadi is the reference for living out Islam—necessarily, since the whole religion is a heretical war cult, no different from the Germanic cult of Odin, or the Baganda’s cult of Ddungu—it is seems worthwhile to see what the mujahideen are saying with regard to the rest of us, Christians and Jews, since this would be the refined Islamic view of us:

To the families of the soldiers in particular, and to the Muslims of Egypt in general:

I see you wondering/asking: Why do we kill your sons conscripted into the Egyptian army?
This is our response to your wondering/asking:

We have killed them because they are in the rank of the one who sympathizes with the Jews and Christians. The Almighty has said: "Whosoever takes charge of them from among you, he is one of them. God does not guide the people of oppression"- Qur'an 5:51. For they were the first helper for the Jews in besieging our people in Gaza, putting the stranglehold on them, protecting the Jews, and preventing the mujahideen from fighting them.

The interesting thing is that the Christians of the World (I cannot say “Christendom” yet—or, rather, any longer) think that the Jews are in any way distinct from them in the eyes of the devil who leads these Muslims astray. When the Jews are done, it will be Christians next. Make no mistake. “To the Jew first, then to the Gentile.” In fact, the Jews will survive this one, but clearly the Christians have not been surviving it. Look at everything between the Armenian Genocide and the attack on Ma’loula.

The Christians are blind to the threats that are directed towards the Jews, because they do not realise what the Scriptures expressly teach. The midrashim that Paul uses to establish a point from the Prophets (as Scripture) is the same that we would use to establish this point from his epistle to the Romans (as Scripture): that what befalls the Jew today, befalls the Christian tomorrow. This is a valid application of Paul’s “to the Jew first, then to the Gentile.”

Regarding their blindness to our shared election, it is by design. If we, who are not blind to the shared election, do not extend the brotherhood (even conscious that it is treated with the highest suspicion, and even rejected), who will? If the sighted do not lead the way, shall it be the blind to do so?

They are only different in that they have been blinded thus far and thrown outside apart from their “works or desires”, just as we have been brought inside apart from works or desires. Therefore it is not to him who wills or him who runs, but to Him who calls. It is in this regard that we are tied together. Not even because we want, or because we work alike, but because we have been called, both Jew and Gentile. The difference lies in their blindness, not in the ultimate called-ness of either party, to be a nation set apart to the Holy God, which calling we share (whether we like it or not; whether it is comfortable or not).

Now, how can the tree be threatened, and the branches—graftings, at that—feel safe? We do not owe the Jews brothely concern because they reciprocate it; on the contrary, we owe it to them more because we believe in what the Scriptures say about our genesis (“ethnogenesis”) as a “nation of kings and priests.” We, like them, have been called out of the World. They, from Ur of the Chaldeans, by the faith of their forefather; we, from the World, from every tongue, tribe, and nation, by the faith we have in Christ. Either way, we are all elect, and thencefrom springs the nation.

The devil is not fooled. He happens to know that these two nations are ultimately one nation, and that the distinctions are not really important. Therefore he instructs attacks against “Christians and Jews”. But when the Christians looked out to the ghettos, or to the Middle East, they saw Jews—as a nation—surrounded, and they didn’t care. Then it came to them next, because it was always meant to.