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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
05th of November, 2013

Saudi Arabia, the UN and the OIC

We will open this one with Slavic bluntness.

Rude Russians:

Irate Iranians:

‘Eckling Economists:
Note: That man, Paul Krugman, is a Nobel-winning defendant of the current market-worshipping economic system. If economics is the dismal science, he’s the superlative among the orthodox dismal scientists. In this argument, for instance, he pretends that the yen’s current fate would still have been good if it had been the reserve currency of the World. He doesn’t note that Japan’s currency is on a dollar standard, which is why it has 1 trillion of them, just behind China. The rules cannot be moved back and forth like that. No wonder he never saw the Great Recession coming. The court priests apparently don’t know of the peasants’ hunger. See how he is now encouraging putting problems off “a decade or two,” which they will probably do. Or so I hope. Clever Boomers have made the pre-Millennials fight their wars against the Chinese and then pay their debts to the Chinese. If I were sixty in America, I’d support it too!

It seems the Pacific peoples can start re-learning an ancient omen that warned of earthquakes. Before yesterday’s earthquake and tsunami at Fukushima, there had been some ominous stuff … Those are Shinto omens, and every culture has its omens. I’m sure the Native Americans, if they were around, would have understood the “moose die-off disorder”. Every tradition has its own spin.

Arrogant Arabs:

Only their enemies say such things, of course. The funny thing, though, is that America could recover and gain another few decades. I think it got worse than this in the ‘70s, and they came back. I see no fuel queues this time.
Nevertheless, there is a sickness unto death, and perhaps a few cases of force majeure to toss the whole thing into the dump.

In the meantime, I have just installed the new Mac OS X Mavericks.

I think I like it already. Notice how their list of “advanced technologies” are just … a smart way to scrape the bottom. In the past, they just doubled disk size and bragged, or made the processor faster and bragged. Now … These are how it came to be that the Romans were insisting on their welfare payments (the famous “bread and circus” dole) while the empire was in a headlong dive. Collapse doesn’t seem to make Miley Cyrus any less interesting to us.