The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
12th of July, 2014

The (Secular) States ofGod’s People

The World today has taken agreement to be secular-democratic. This implies many things, for instance that a “popular” leader or practice is also the “correct” one. So democracy follows, and secularism, and the legitimisation of abnormalities and vices (like gayism), and the support of materialistic cults like Darwinism, and so on. All these things are well-represented in Israel.

When they go to the UN to make their case, they brag about being “the only democracy in the Middle East.” So the accepted standard of the Jewish state is secular democracy. One day soon, secular democracy is going to turn against Israel and hand it to Islamism. Instead, they should have identified with God; and the Bible is not as bothered with democracy or the erasure of gender roles or American interests.

Now, in a recent survey asking Israelis who they believe to be responsible for preserving Israel in the near-future, many of them—I think I remember a number just under 70%—said they put their hope in God. On the street, there is true faith. But in the state‽ It is just like Uganda. In all this recent debate about homosexuality in Parliament, no reference was made to the Bible, because none could be made: “the State shall not adopt a state religion.” We are not officially a Christian state now, even though we were, at some periods between the Uganda Martyrs and the 1966 Presidential Republic. There are some states in-between (kingdoms and chiefdoms of various kinds, Buganda kingdom, Protectorate), and some of them are not secular like the state we have now. Some of them were formed after religious war in Kampala here.

The Israelis cannot actually mention God. They can speak of the Prophets, as Netanyahu does often. But the founder of their state was Theodor Herzl, who was secular. (Although not a Christian, he did not even have his son circumcised.) The Ugandans mention God (anthem, motto), and these are in fact the only two times you find it in the Uganda Constitution document (plus one extra time under the oath of office).

You see, me I feel that people have been fooled in how to distribute their concern. I think that if I ended up a king, and I was aware of Revelation 1:4-5, I would be a “socialist” or “communist” or “liberal” only after I have been a “Christian.” In countries like Germany, it is legal today to be political and also have a religion, hence Angela Merkel’s “Christian Democrats” or whatever. This is the country of Martin Luther and the Thirty-Years’ War. They went through a period of having a secular state on one side (West) and an atheist one on the other, but later they changed. (The Netherlands, Scotland, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, for instance, are also officially Christian kingdoms, not secular democracies. Presidents haven’t paid their due hommage, and now where are they going to run to? Even the devil-worshipping Arabs have obeyed that demon-posessed man, Muhammad, because they think he was sent by God, while the—some of them Christian—presidents have acted like the New Testament doesn’t have any illumination for leaders, or that most books in the Bible are not about running and fighting for a state.)