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26th of August, 2014

Even More on Cannabis and Legalism

My interlocutor attempted this, and I responded:
Mind altering substance (Pharmakia) is a whole different matter than Caffein or Nicotine. But if you insist on your position stop drinking coffee.
You will find that I have a very uncommon position on mind-altering activities and substances: I don’t consider them wrong. That position is simply not in line with my beliefs. I don’t treat highs as bad things; how could I?

If I did, yes, I would be against sugar, coffee, alcohol, smartphones, picnics, music, jogging, sex, red meat, Facebook, Twitter, and all these other non-essential things we engage in simply because it feels good. However, I am not shouting against any of those things. I am shouting the Gospel. I am not a legalist; I am a (Reformed) Christian.

I am also a coffee addict. I am not a cannabis addict at present, though. (It is hard to get a cannabis addiction, and easy to lose it.)
Besides, the research finds more cases of substance-induced psychosis (SIP) from alcohol and tobacco than from cannabis, by percentage. I am not forbidding alcohol, much less cannabis! —Also, ironically, the molecule CBD (cannabidiol) has been found to have a strong anti-psychotic effect; the problem is that modern strains of cannabis are bred for the molecule THC (which gives the high), and not for CBD (which is strongly-medicinal). Now high-CBD strains are increasing in availability, thank God. In typical style, Hebrew University Jerusalem developed the best strain, Avidekel. (Look it up! Amazing stuff. It’s so low in THC, you cannot even get high on it.) In Israel, the best treatment for many old-people diseases is … you guessed it: high-CBD marijuana.

Meanwhile, that pharmakia in Galatians is more of Adderall and the like. Cannabis is naturally-occurring; and unlike tobacco, which today is largely factory-assembled, cannabis is in all cases just plant material. Are you throwing your lot in with a society that declares illegal a *plant species*? How dare they call God a criminal, and declare His work illegal? May God “hasten the judgement on all who, through their wickedness, suppress the truth.” Don’t ever forget that it is just a plant, and it has no poison. Any antipathy towards it is always just because of economics and politics. Corn is more-dangerous than cannabis. HFCS has more addicts (and more consequent diabetics, anddead people) than cannabis could ever manage.

Cannabis is just a plant. It is even more-useful when taken in a form that doesn’t render a high. (Of course, personally it is the high I am after when I indulge.)
Watch “The Drugging of Our Children”
But more-importantly, “pharmakia” includes more than just those things that our (secular) society disapproves of, in its self-righteous ignorance. You had better not pass judgement on the plant that has the longest farmed pedigree. Paracetamol kills more people per day than cannabis does per decade; and I am not even campaigning against paracetamol. I could multiply these example by the thousands; I am not joking! How would I throw my lot in with a society that glorifies poison and strictly forbids medicine? Do you think there is anything holy about modern society’s attitudes towards mood-altering substance and activities?