The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
24th of August, 2014

Upcoming Version

There is this version of the blog that I have worked on today, which is basically just a re-design to make the website usable on mobile.

I have made it the default, because I kind of destroyed the old design, so now I have to apply myself to this one and finish it soon. I am a bit busy, but I think it should not be a whole month out. The other important thing is that I will not settle for doing just another weblog design. This has to be, at the very least, brave and experimental, even weird.

The old one is licking its wounds here:

This design is mobile-first, and it is exclusively a design update. I hope to pause it there, until I have a geniunely neat design for a weblog. For now, that minimalism works fine by me. But I think a blog can be done much more interestingly than this.

It is currently showing the same entries as this one. It is just another version of the interface, and currently does not support comments, either.