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27th of July, 2014

Remember the Moluccas

From Newsweek, back in 2001:
Perched on the edge of a crystalline bay, Ambon is an Asian Sarajevo. Barbed wire, sandbagged checkpoints and fire-ravaged storefronts now dominate Jalan A.Y. Patty, once a bustling business strip. The upscale downtown area was devastated by the 1999 bloodshed. A no man's land, simply called ‘the border,’ now divides the city into Christian and Muslim sectors. Billboards promote such well-known brand names as Fuji Film, Guinness and Marlboro. But those commercial symbols are now eclipsed by grim graffiti: Muslim power and no one can stop Islam.
They called the article Terror Islands. They couldn’t even write that today. I find that article quite shockingly-objective about the abuse that was meted out to the Christians by the Muslims. This article was written about a pre-9-11 Islam, and indeed this article ran a mere three months after 9-11, before the current post-9-11 anti-terrorism mythology had taken solid form.

Here is stuff from another article:
Ambon: Just 5 years ago it was the area's favorite vacation paradise, with breathtaking beaches, impressive tourist areas of outstanding natural, friendly people, and a prosperous society. So the government changed the structure - divided the large excess of births from Muslim islands around the Christians islands. Then they tried to force integration through; everyone should love one another.

I'm talking about the small island in Indonesia. There where almost paradisiacal conditions prevailed, with no need to starve - nature gave plenty for everyone and everything. The temperature was year round, p.g.a. the surrounding ocean so comfortable that it was just glorious summer and winter. And the crowds were excellent along with each other despite the fact that they included a variety of faiths. The Catholic Christians, however, the dominant.

Then came a snake in paradise. A snake in the form of new laws from the government. The government had a massive surplus of births among Muslim groups on the main islands. It was decided now under former President Suharto, sending powerful groups of these to other islands. Even in total of one hundred thousands. In the immediate a sweet and human thought - let the rich share with the poor. There were protests, but the government and the leading choked resistance.

A few years later it went wrong. Suddenly, Muslims constituted 40-45% of the population, and now demanded the Muslim states. We all have over the years read about the hundreds of burned villages, which followed in the wake of the appalling conditions in which Muslims burned down Christian churches and Christians retaliated by burning down mosques. The entire Muslim or Christian neighborhoods and businesses were vandalized, houses burned down, everything and everyone was raped, violated and / or killed. And a hundred thousands of people to flee, burned or tortured to death.
That is from some article I found on the Internet recently, and the general details check out with the BBC and the like.
That Newsweek article, for example, has:
Not long ago Ambon was a thriving city and resort hub for the Spice Islands. Tourists flocked to the island to bask in the sun and enjoy the stunning natural scenery. But beyond the pretty beaches, there was simmering discord. Former president Suharto had encouraged Muslims to migrate to the Moluccas from other islands. The newcomers began to compete economically with the established Christians, and violence soon broke out. Two years ago Ambon (population: 270,000) erupted in Christian-Muslim bloodletting of an almost medieval intensity. Some 8,000 people have since been killed, and half a million people were left homeless in the Moluccas. Sociologist Thamrin Tomagola of the University of Indonesia calls it "the most terrible civil war in the world," with more deaths per capita than in Bosnia.

Christina Sagat, 22, peeked at the severed heads through a window, and knew then she had no choice but to convert. She and dozens of others followed the Muslims' instructions to bathe themselves in a tub, and to tie a white bandanna on their head with Arabic writing that they couldn't understand. But that wasn't all. "The Muslims came at night, house to house, with a Gillette [razor]," said Maria Etlager, a 41-year-old woman with curly hair. The Catholics felt compelled to submit to the ritual of sunnat, or circumcision. Nearly everyone in the village--women, children of both sexes as young as 2 years old, even the elderly and the invalids who were too weak to get out of their sickbeds--fell victim to the Gillette. "I knew the razor blade wasn't clean; it was covered with dried blood," Etlager told NEWSWEEK, "and the pain was unimaginable."
Remember the Moluccas. “I send you out as sheep among wolves.” Is it really our bitter fate that we, being sheep, cannot have a state of our own, so that we can take temporal responsibility for our own safety and that of our women and children?
I wonder if God just doesn’t want us to have a state, either because it is impractical, or not (yet?) the right time, or because it is actually the wrong thing. I am convinced of neither of these things, and yet we don’t have our state, so something like them must be true. There is a reason we have been left out there to be at the mercy of “the laughing killer,” Islamism.

May the Heavenly Father’s will be done.