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08th of December, 2013

Some Central African Republic

This is from Al-Jazeera, so cum grano salis on the spin and the reason for it:

But the questions remain, even as Mandela misses yet another quick genocide:
  1. For how much longer will Africans in particular buy the bullshit about citizen disarmament? It may take the World longer to recover from the lie, but Africans may recover sooner, because they are too close to reality. On the other hand, they don’t have the guns on hand.
  2. For how much longer will the crazed violence at the centre of Islam be genuinely discussed? It’s not as though death cults or war religions are a rare feature of humanity. Let’s leave aside that the Qur’an is considered sacred, and just discuss the phenomenon it inspired as we would if its occurrence were a mere hypothesis.
  3. When will Christians be granted a country and a state that is explicitly Christian, the way Muslims have Islamic states?
  4. Is martyrdom all that a Christian can offer in the face of this state of play in the World? Is it always a good thing for a man to bear arms in favour of his highest ideal, unless that ideal happens to be Christianity (or suicidal pacifism)?

The Maccabeans at first didn’t fight on the Sabbath, so the Hellenists attacked them on a Sabbath and butchered a thousand of them. These proto-Maccabeans wouldn’t even throw a stone on the Sabbath. Soon enough, the fighters decided to fight on Sabbaths, and they got the victories they were hoping for.

Now I see in the Epistle to the Hebrews that all along God was not about the Sabbath itself, but about a rest from justification by works. It is in Christ that the Sabbath is fulfilled, and all who are in Christ fulfill the Sabbath in Him. For all the Law, something similar happens, such that a true Sabbath is achieved by faith in Christ, “for anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from their works, just as God did from his.” The Maccabean fighters, in having faith in God, tapped into this same faith we have, and their faith was reckoned to them as righteousness. I wonder how a legalist would reconcile the miracles the Maccabeans had—that God heard them on the field of battle and then in the Temple—with the fact that they didn’t keep Sabbath. If it seems too similar to John 9:24, you see where I am headed.

Maybe Christian pacifism has been turned into an excuse for apathy. It has been used to give us a hard law, a yoke that enslaves us yet again. I think the new reformation should be about this issue. Maybe Christianity is made invalid by having power. Maybe the Cross cannot be allowed the power to execute, lest it profane the symbol. But the truth is that, in light of the reality of the militancy of Islam, those who have a long-term thinking for Christendom (perhaps I should say “the New Christendom”, since I am not even talking about Europe here) should perhaps realise that we have been given the hard choices of insisting on an explicitly (perhaps even constitutionally) Christian country/nation-state the way the Jews have their own, or being incapable of offering an alternative to martyrdom for the many people who are actually in danger of death because they happen to be Christians.