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05th of November, 2015

An Extremist 17 Times a Day

I wonder when the World will realise that, yes, islamism is always dangerous, criminal, and a pietisation of terrorism. So, for instance, Russia did recognise it one point, but, now that less-justifiable (albeit cooler) heads have prevailed:

A court in the Russian Far East has canceled the verdict that recognized an Islamic book with abstracts from the Koran as ‘extremist material’, which caused outrage from the Muslim community and some politicians.

This is unfortunate, because the abstracts taken out of the Qur'an are, in fact, extremist material. The poem-book of the muslims does indeed teach criminality, heresy, and terrorism; it enjoins extremist islamism, not moderate islamism.

The initial verdict brought critical comments from Russian Muslims because the banned parts were actually abstracts from the Koran.

This should have just caused Russia to realise, not that the judge was wrong (because the judge was right) but that the time had come to move beyond the foolish, impotent, and hopeless strategy of treating this anti-Christian heresy as though it is not a crime. It is a crime. Do documents inciting genocide stop being bad once the génocidaire happens to be a faithful mohameddan?

The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, even demanded that the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk judge and prosecutors be brought to justice for insulting the holy book and thus inciting religious hatred.

And this is what I mean; because, you see, the faithful muslims should, must, has to murder or call for the murder of all who uphold Russian moral and legal standards.
The Russians may be forced to back-track from their earlier truth, and to recede to error, and to cede to terrorism, and to submit to heresy; but all this is because they are post-Christian (for imagine what Ivan the Terrible, stomper on crescents, would have done to everything Chechen, by now), but also because even when they were a Christian people, they were involved in high heresy, from mariolatry and denial of the Spirit of Christ to prelacy and legalistic formalism. A nation Christian and covenanted can say to all the muslims in the World: you are wrong, you are criminal, and the sword has been unsheathed against you and your proud heresy.

One of the Chechen muslims affected by the ruling asks:

In their statement prosecutors questioned the quotes from the Koran, but every Muslim says the words of a prayer at least 17 times. Does this make every Muslim an extremist 17 times a day?

Yes. Yes. Seventeen times yes.
The fool adds:

Banning Suras from the Koran is like banning a Christian from reciting ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.

No. No, you fool; a million times no. The Lord’s Prayer, for instance, has “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.” On the other hand, the muslim prayer is a repetitive extolling of a heretic who never once expressed concern for forgiveness, on top of having repeatedly been obsessed with be-headings and rape.

“Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism are an inseparable part of the historic legacy of the peoples who inhabit Russia. Thus the Bible, Koran, Tanakh and Kangyur, their contents and their quotes cannot be classed as extremist materials,” reads the explanatory note attached to the bill.

See the foolish kind of idiot that democratic legislatures have you stuck with! So the Germans could not have outlawed Mein Kampf because of how really German that hateful and heretical diatribe is?
People who think they are speaking for nations and organising entire states should have more-stable principles than anything ever showed ten paces beyond the last ballot box.