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02nd of September, 2015

Secularist Christians are Anathema

I have something in my browser; the kind of thing that is run-of-the-mill for an able analyst of the Middle East these days. It is a coverage of “pro-Assad Militias”, and it is a very interesting launching point for my rant this time.

As you already know, the Middle East right now is split between islamist rebels and the governments they found in place, which, in the case of Syria and Iraq, are ostensibly secularist. All the armies and factions involved are calling their fallen fighters “martyrs”, and, this being the muslim world, those who are not secular fighters are necessarily muslim fighters. It is secularists against islamists. In fact, even on the side of some secular Arab governments, like in the case of both the nebulous Iraqi state and the Syrian regime, the core fighters are highly-religious Shi’i fighters—called “Popular Mobilisation” in Iraq, raised by the fatwa (religious declaration) of the Ayatollah (top cleric), and Hezbollah and its affiliates in Syria, openly funded and influenced by the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The President of the secular Arab Republic of Syria has severally and repeatedly thanked hard-line religious factions, in momentous public speeches, for their crucial support, and named Hezbollah explicitly. Though that republic is supposed to be secular, its fate is forever tied with the islamic republics and parties that have propped it up.

Indeed, among the Arab rebel ranks, the ony division serious enough to warrant discussion is Islamic State (Iraq-Syria), on the one hand, and the “moderate” islamists on the other. (Things are a bit more-complex among Kurdish factions, but the point I will raise here is, as you will see, generally-applicable.) Now, as a matter of fact, one is either a muslim or one is not—“moderate” and “extremist” are subjective qualifications that are meaningless outside of a plaintive and deceitful democratic appeal. Being a muslim alone is the farthest extreme possible, because then one has accepted the arch-heretic Mahound Qathem as speaking on behalf of God—this muhammad who committed genocide, beheaded entire tribes, raped nine-year-olds, enjoined murder as sacred duty, and denied the Father and the Son. If one accepts, or continues to accept, such a demoniac as a messenger of God, however tangential, that is an extreme beyond which there is nowhere to go. All islam is extreme heresy.

Having seen this, then, imagine the stupidity and blindness of the accursed Christians who align themselves with any faction in this fight, other than an explicitly Christian sacralist one! Because if, as a Christian, you will pay the ultimate price, under arms, why do you do it with muslims and for islamism? Do not be unequally yoked with the sons of darkness. Do not yoke an ox and a donkey! What has light got to do with darkness, or Christ with Belial?

Any Christians who throw their lot in with mozzies are given to the birds of the air, that they may die. They should be fighting mozzies, not with them. Do they not know that their Middle East has been ruined, for centuries and counting, by these self-same mozzies? This heresy swept in and settled; and instead of making the unceasing fight one of unseating the evil, they throw their lot in with the many and rush off to commit sin? From the article linked-to above:

Nusur al-Zawba'a translates as 'The Whirlwind's Eagles', referring to the whirlwind/vortex logo of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP). Of all the militias documented here, Nusur al-Zawba'a seems to have fought in the largest number of engagements, spanning the range of western Syria.

For instance, the SSNP has built noteworthy support bases in Homs' Old City, the Christian villages of Wadi al-Nasara area and Latakia. It also works alongside other pro-regime factions in Suwayda province. This is so even as strictly speaking, the SSNP's Greater Syrian nationalism is not compatible with Ba'athist Arab nationalism. Sometimes, there is overlap between the SSNP and the regular Syrian armed forces.

The SSNP has made particular shows of solidarity with Christians, so its appeal should not be surprising, particularly in western Syria where it seems to offer the only alternative to Arabism, whereas in thenortheast of Syria non-Arab Christian-specific identities- most notably Assyrian and Syriac- have established a much stronger foothold.

Imagine the ridiculousness! And in their death notices, they call these men martyrs, the Christians who die in arms for this faction. Socialist! Secularist! Is it because no Christian man in the Middle East can raise the banners of the Lord? How, then, did Agha Petros—an Assyrian himself—raise it with no Twitter and no Facebook and no AK-47s? They adorn their death notices with the cross, but their hearts detest it; for they die for a feeble mimick of it, the “whirlwind” of the Arab socialists, and neither raise the cross nor wait for one sent to raise it for them. Moreover, they are pro-regime, even though they are not ideologically in line with it—meaning that it is not for the convenience of compatibility with the regime that they chose to fight under this ideology, but rather because they threw their lot in with the many to rush off and commit evil. The martyr Christians are those who say to all the Arab world that, no, we shall not fight for any of you, but against you, until you kiss the Son and raise above our heads His banners and declare here a Christian state, because that alone has the chance of being right. Then the Arabs—muslims almost to a man—would fall upon them in satanic rage and kill all of them: that is the end of a martyr for our faith—not under arms in favour of secularist, socialist stupidity.
Christian sacralism alone is the political ideology that has the chance of being right—for even when it is wrong, it is rebelling against the truth, and can be corrected thereby, and would improve if it repents, unlike the muslim state which, when it pursues perfection, is murderous, demonised, and heretical, like Islamic State (Iraq-Syria), or worse.

Moreover, the ranks of the pro-regime factions—and, indeed, many factions outright—are vigorously anti-Israeli; such that even if the regime were to win, it would be a loss for sound doctrine and all the nations of the people of God, both Jew and Gentile—both Assyrian, His handiwork, and Israeli, His inheritance. Having seen the preponderance of Falastin invaders in the regime side—perhaps in response to the regime’s damnable anti-Israelism, which suffices to codemn it before any arms righteously borne—why did they continue in evident sin? Secularism is fine, but for one thing: it is not Christian sacralism. It is not islamist, which is good; but it is not Christian, either, which is damnable. For this reason, secularism is not the extreme sin that islam is, but rather the first sin that a nation commits on its journey towards extreme sin; for once a nation is not Christian, but secularist, it has had its house swept and yet left empty, that worse demonism may invade. All you Christian nations: watch against this sin, which is the first step to your death and destruction! Moreover, one Christian “martyred” under the arms of this accursed faction has this written under his name:

He was martyred in the battles of heroism and resistance in confrontation with the internal Jews.

So you have even been tricked into turning against the olive tree into which you were in-grafted and you think that you will survive? If you think there is some infiltration of some sort being referred-to here, look at the explanation:

The phrase "internal Jews" (yahud al-dakhil) deserves comment here. As my friend and colleague Carl Yonker notes, this language is tied to SSNP founder Antun Sa'adeh's argument that the Jews could not constitute a part of the Greater Syrian nation, as Zionism posits an independent Jewish state in the Israel-Palestine area, while SSNP Greater Syrian nationalism requires these lands to be part of Greater Syria

Also noteworthy, here, is that this means that the Christians here are fighting against the decree of God, for their “Greater Syria” project encompasses classical Judæa, which is legitimately and historically the land of the Jews. They have been tricked by their hardened hearts, following the contraptions of a Falastin reprobate, into warring against God. May they be carrion!
There is no Palestine. There is only Judæa. There are no Palestinians. Only Falastin invaders.

For one, I will never mourn a Christian who has died fighting either for the secular state, which offends against Psalm 2 and accords Christ a place no higher than the Hagarene heretic Qathem—do they not fear God?—or alongside muslims, for this is a most-accursed heresy. May they all be swiftly killed—may they be anathema—that only a righteous remnant remain, which has not defiled itself with adultery in matters spiritual.