The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
25th of September, 2015

Abapoto Bakomyewo: The Notices of the Revolution

On top of the Declaration of War, there is the set of notices that we will be distributing in every area of operations.
They are, for the most part, self-explanatory if you already know what “the sacralist revolution” is. The ones here are the default form, with the whole country as the area of operations. They are the basic form, and they are valid—for the whole country is, indeed, the area of operations. In practice, though, the areas will be smaller and more-restricted.

The first one is the notice to the armed operatives of the state. The operatives, in this case, are the police officers, because those ones belong to the state, while the soldiers of the military belong to the nation. The police enforce the secularist Constitution of the state; the army defends the nation. Nevertheless, the same notice can be applied without modification to the military, should it take part in contending against the sacralist revolution.

In this notice, also, is a reference to the legitimacy of the sword that the operatives bear, in spite of their bearing it for an authority that, now, is illegitimate and which, because it perpetuates secularism, is charged with abetting crime. But they are required to lay down their sword, and disband their hierarchy. If they do not, they are enemy combatants.

The second notice is the notice to the secularists and heretics; in particular, the heretics being addressed are the islamists, who dare to maintain before me that the Bible be subjected to the lies and ignorance of their alkoran. It requires that the secularists and islamists abandon their false ideas, or vacate the area of operations. If they do not, they are enemy combatants.

One of the requirements for this revolution is that every last islamic artefact is to be purged from the land. I, personally, will not shun or avoid the acrimony of the muslims all over the World, because I, personally, will glory in taking down their high places. Their minarets I will flatten; their mosques I will devote to destruction. Their pulpits of wickedness I will desecrate; their accursed poem-book of heresy I will make bonfires with. Their lands I will seize; their very clothes I will burn. Their fighters I will give no quarter; their families I will banish. I will put my name, personally, against the purge of the muslims from everywhere that I have authority; the pious among my progeny will continue to pursue this policy faithfully. “Morning by morning, I will cut off the wicked from the city of the Lord.” Let me be known to all the muslims everywhere as their implacable enemy; for I will not tolerate any who say that my scriptures, which are the truthful word of God, are to be treated as lies.