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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
26th of September, 2013

The New Holocaust Denialism

I think the new Holocaust Denialism, for now, is the wilful blindness of the Western World to the plight of the Christians in the Middle East and other majority-Muslim countries.
When it has been said properly before:

It is amazing that after WW2 and the destruction of Europe's Jews the 'free world' said 'never again'. But now it is happening to Christians. We could say then that Germany was powerful, we we were at war with Germany and there was latent antisemitism. But none of this applies with the Arab world that is poor, corrupt, economically useless other than having oil. they have virtually no arms that are not bought from us and no industry to speak of. Yet the same is happening to the Middle East's, Egypt's, Pakistan's, Indonesia's and Nigeria's Christians and our government's do and say nothing. The persecution of Christians is against everything the Left and our governments say they are against, religious, sexual and racial bigotry, prejudice and discrimination and actual murder. The enemy is weak and divided and there is no latent anti-Christianism in our society. It is astonishing and terribly depressing that this can only be because of a perverted positive discrimination in favour of Muslims even when they are modern Nazis killing all who oppose them. It is mad.