The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
14th of October, 2013

The Day of the Bolt-Action

When you have read enough history, you learn that it is easy for empire-destorying changes in military strategy to happen. But you learn that it is even easier that they should turn out to be largely unexpected, and even un-noticed as they exert their effect. What the Romans called “barbarians” we call “terrorist” today. Meng Tze said the first step in fixing a society is to fix the names of everything.

Which brings me to the role that the Dragunov has played in Maalula of late. —Not too different from the role that the Barrett rifles played in the South Amagh. The sniper is the soldier of the urban future-present. Perfectly suited to defensive action, lone-wolf resistance, and that seductive mix of sword and luck. “My God against your god.” The movies have already exploited the popularity of the theme.

Wherefore it is by sheer providence that one can still be blessed in our days as was Nimrod of old: “a mighty hunter before the Lord.” In our case, with Ugandan game as victim—waterbuck, kob, wildebeest, buffalo, warthog, zebra—a bunch of simple bolt-action rifles, on the brave side of large 7mm calibres[1], will serve us sufficiently, when backed up by a few small things every here and there, and a shotgun every now and then, so that when Saul and his son Jonathan will be found with swords.

O, to God that this window may stay open long enough for His children to slip thencethrough, before they are numbered with the transgressors. I hate being intentionally cryptic. :o\
[1] 7mm Remington, .30-06, .300 WinMag.