The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
26th of September, 2013


It had to be those benighted Somalis, but now we finally have debate happening.
Suddenly, the Repentant state doesn’t look like just theory. Christians need a state of their own, where non-Christians would not be allowed  and the Constitution would be based on the New Testament. Then there would be at least one small place on Earth that will not turn away those who flee for their lives for the cause of Christ. There would be a place to wait out the coming Holocaust! I am glad to see that the gloves are off in the public debate, and this may indeed be a sign that God may perchance permit for such a weird but rather necessary state to be born.

When I was a younger guy, I read a novel by Ian McEwan, Ripley Bogle. It is an Irishman’s soliloquy. Living in the midst of that religious strife came off those pages very interestingly. People disagreed on matters of eternity, and then went to war about it. The scenes that played out in Kenya, during the hold-up by the Somali terrorists, played out in Ripley Bogle as the best piece of dark humour in the novel. I always thought of such things as distant fiction, but now they are in the newspapers. Exact same stuff. Today, someone else told me he had expected all along that such things only happen in movies.

Anyway, now the discussions that the Republic and the North had are now starting to look desirable (!) to the European. The Spectator is refusing to ease down on the heat, because the names of the writers would pass the Irish version of the pencil test, and this event is distant enough to be discussed dispassionately. No pictures from the inside, no emotionalism, and the White female is detested. The question is simple: Islam on the one hand, survival on the other.

Will someone listen to my proposal? Establish at least one Repentant state—that is, in other words, a Christian state. Nobody is allowed there who is not ready to be baptised in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. If there is a Constitution, it begins the way all other unnecessary church formalia do: Apostle’s creed, Nicene creed if necessary, and something like the Heidelberg Confession, or parts of it. We have allowed it for Islamic states, the Jewish state, and several de facto Buddhist/Hindu/other states (be they federal or nation-states). But not one under the Sun for Christians, who suffer 75% of all religious persecution! This is not fair.m Let’s start by correcting that, before they all die.