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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
15th of October, 2013

With a Whimper

It so happens that reading an army’s propaganda is a very good way to keep a pulse on what it wants the enemy to think.
To that end, here is a story from RT. The entire dance around the economic decisions is all a well-choreographed ritual dance, of course, but the point is that our ruling élite can safely claim we don’t really have any excuses if they wake us up at the end of the week, say, and declare some bad news.

I for one expect that there will be no real economic glitch from this round of brinkmanship, but that we’ll be preserved for a bigger jolt the next time, which may be the real thing. RT used to be called “Russia Today”, hence the choice of comparisons towards the end of the article.