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18th of October, 2013

My Favourite Hook-Nosed Bald-Headed Jew

Idan Raichel, Currently My Third-Favourite Jew?
I have had basically one human guide in my intellectual journey, and that is the apostle Paul. It is interesting that the man who was charged with bringing the Gentiles into the the olive tree was himself a very typical Jew. Apparently,

[i]n June 2010, on a wall of the Catacomba di Santa Tecla in Rome, Vatican archaeologists of the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology, using laser technology to remove layers of clay and lime rind, discovered a frescoed portrait of St Paul the Apostle, “recognizable by his thin face and dark pointed beard … with small eyes and furrowed brow,” which they believe is the oldest image in existence of St Paul, dating from the late 4th century.

And since the most-Jewish thing (religiously) that one can do is repent unto fervent faith in Jesus, Paul did it best. Then the job of the fervent Jewish believer is to tell the Gentiles the good news; Paul did it best.
But to be Jewish is also to be hook-nosed, with a suspicious brow, and a balding head. Paul did it best.
All this to say that, for me, after Jesus, comes Paul. After Paul comes … Idan Raichel? :o)