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09th of June, 2015

Dhafer Youssef's Pseudo-Snackbar Success

Let me just say that I wish Dhafer Youssef would just self-censor a bit of his internal Sufi mystic. He'd be the perfectest thing to ever make the case for a synthesis of North Africa and Europe. This would put paid to the lie that it is about race, and expose the problem: Islam.

This album of his, Digital Prophecy is everything you expect from his genius. Sure, it doesn't have the shock and awe of Electric Sufi, but that's because we are aware of the possibilities. Still, songs like Aya make you realise the range of expression this guy has mastery over.

The only thing you may have to get used to, before liking Dhafer Youssef's music (and I am still dealing with it), something that he actually engages in more on Digital Prophecy than in any of his previous albums, is that thing I call the pseudo-snackbar. If you have been unfortunate enough to need to endure, you know who the snackbarians are, and that Dhafer is actually one of them. And he is a singing mystic. It can't be helped. And it is always irritating, even in pseudo-.