The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
18th of September, 2012


Although I don’t watch movies, I have some waiting for me to watch, and here are the names:

  • Darwin’s Nightmare (2004). Apparently about how guns got swapped for military materiel during the Era of Coups here in Africa. (It is too early to say that the Era of Coups is over; and it is likely that no era of coups ever ends. But I use that to refer to the period between 1965 and 2005.)
  • The Ballad of Natayama (1983). The descriptions are harrowing beyond words, which is why I stopped reading and got the picture.
That is for when I get a gap to watch.

Currently, I am listening to webradio via iTunes, a feature I literally only discovered last week.
L’Acoustique Radio is not too bad. But of the many I have (ten in my playlist), the only other I have played more than a paltry eight times is the Swiss RTS La Première which I like for being Helvetic and francophone at the same time.

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