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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
08th of July, 2013

Watch The Bible

There is this new TV series called The Bible. Watch it. It may be the biggest brightest flashiest Hollywoodiest argument for allegory that anybody has ever conceived of.
I am in absolute shock at how good it is! It is even better than Game of Thrones. And that is on just the secular quality of it.

After we fucked and slew on screen, God showed us what happens when His Spirit is in a few “sinners”, people who, because they are sinners, have been driven to believe in the Gospel of Grace—and there is no other gospel—and got His Spirit in them while they are film-makers.
And the Gospel of Grace became a TV series. Those who have not the Law have been most-able to raise their hands as a living sacrifice to God.

All the bad guys in The Bible are absolutely flawless actors. Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Judas and the other Pharisees, Herod … I like how they re-ambiguised the nature of Judas’ role; I like how they have been unashamedly proselytic towards the Jews (because if they weren’t, the name of the series would be a lie). The British actors are unbelievably well-turned-out, like it was the telos of their talent. The stories are five layers deep: Bible, exclusively-secular history, history of (the State of) Israel, Grace, honey-rich screen adaptation. The buildings and dressing are over-done for accuracy. The sheer glory and godlessness of Babylon—and why it tarries so long in Biblical nightmares—was so faithfully adapted (by the film-makers in the Babylon of our time) that when it came to bow to the idol, I bowed along with (almost) everybody else.

Watch this series.